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Sep 30 2013 Anchor

(Pictures and video below, scroll down to view)

Greetings to all who have come to this thread; my name is Christopher.I design and manage a project that
aims to bring my love for the pirate swashbuckling genre into the world of competitive multi-player gaming.
I'm considering all candidates for all positions, as I am expanding the existing team; But the purpose of this
recruitment thread is primarily to find the right people to handle some current issues:

  • Character Modelling
  • Skinning/Rigging
  • Animation

The current team consists of:

  • Christopher Doucette - Lead Dev, Design, Artist
  • Sean Brown - Programmer & Networking
  • Michael Barth - Programmer
  • Adam Vittoz - Character Artist
  • Pedro Dobbin - Environmental Artist
  • Christian Castaneda - Environmental Artist

Compensation & Funding:
A Kickstarter is planned after the animations are settled, as well as a Steam Greenlight.If you want to
be involved in this opportunity and help us get there, just refer to my contact information here and at
the bottom of this page. This is a profit-sharing project and has potential to do quite well in the market.

How to apply/Contact Info:
If you want to be involved in this opportunity and help us get there,
just refer to my contact information here and at the bottom of this page.

Add me on Skype: DIFTOW
Send an
Use our Application Form:

About the game:
Pirates is a multi-player combat game themed around, you guessed it, Pirates.
The aim of the game is to deliver everything people expect and want from a pirate game;
that past games didn't achieve.Summarised Features:

  • Multiplayer combat FPS/TPS
    Listen and dedicated server support. Up to 64 players (32 x 32) supported.
  • 2 teams (pirate factions).
    Colour coded with separate themes (flags and symbols
  • Customisable pirate player
    There are no static classes. You may create your own;
    Deciding the balance of powers/stats and the look of your pirate.
    13 full presets (5 starting; 7 unlockables)
  • Melee combat (4 directional parry system)
    Swords, axes, and more; unlockable weapons.
  • Ranged combat and Explosives
    Matchlock, Flintlock, Percussion, Crossbow, Bow, Grenade launcher, Grenades, and more.
  • 3 Tier system for weapons & a market.
    Arsenal chart ->
  • Unlockables & achievements
  • 9 gamemodes to accompany the combat system
    (Sea battles, Tomb raiding, Pillaging, Booty hunt, etc) Objective, versus and cooperative.
    Sea battle campaign features RTS + FPS/TPS mixed. One player on each team steers the ship,
    while the others man the cannons or snipe. Sink the enemy ship or board and fight.
  • Large variety of maps with unique objectives
  • Steam Integration
  • Voice/Taunt system, variety to choose from.
    Each full preset has its own voice library; 7 are unlockables.
  • Humour and Gore
  • Custom Map and Mod Support

Design Document: (for more detailed info)

Engine/SDK & Code Language:
Unity - C# Mono

Target platforms:
Windows XP through 8, Mac, and Linux - via Steam

Low end hardware support through optimisation.

But wait, there's more

If you join, we do have a private website for team members only
with all documentation needed for the project;

including the most up to date design document, additional documentation,
outlines/plans, assignments, and more.

An SVN for easy sharing/collaboration.


Table of Contents:

  • Characters
  • Environments
  • Weapons
  • Animations






These are our current animations; some are decent some are not.

This is why we need a more experienced animator.

Melee animations - WIP

Biped demonstration

Basic animations


Main theme (music):

Voice actor Tassilo: (Samples/Highlights)

Voice actor Joseph (Samples/Highlights)

Team Portfolios:

My portfolio:

Source engine map by me:

Adam Vittoz demo reel (visual artist):

Zbrush sculpture by Adam:


Previous project experience/other work:

Jurassic Park Mod (Crysis)
A project me (Chris) and Adam Vittoz worked on before starting Pirates.
None of the other team members on Pirates were involved.
The mod was cancelled in favour of doing an original indie game that we own the rights to, such as Pirates.
I started the Jurassic Park project out of hobby and it was my first project ever.
Half-way through the mod I didn't want to mod anymore, and wanted to go indie.
I figured if I was going to put the effort in, I should turn it into a career instead of making free mods.
Unfortunately to turn a mod like Jurassic Park into a sellable indie game is not possible without large capital.
Jurassic Park's licensing is both difficult and expensive.
Perhaps I'll try it again once we have the funds,
but its not ideal for a first commercial/indie project; thus we do Pirates instead. :)

Characters by Adam
Environments by Christopher
Vehicles by Andriy


Contact information:
If you're interested in a position, please contact me on Skype.My username on Skype is DIFTOW

Please do not send private messages via these forums.

If you do not have Skype, please email me at

Edited by: DIFTOW

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