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Jun 3 2019 Anchor

Yes, I still play tiberian sun and firestorm and I have the ini files and have modded the game to an extent but there are a few small things I'd like to do but don't know how to do it and where to look for the answers on to how. I have made it where nod can build the cabal obelisk, obelisk of darkness, cabals core, and the core defender but they have no image on the unit/structure bar on the right. same with gdi. I made where they can build mammoth tanks and be able to build a construction yard but no image on those either. And one other thing is if anyone knows how to get rid of the black "unrevealed terrain" altogether completely?

Thanks for any response!

Jun 3 2019 Anchor

If you are looking to mod almost ANY command and conquer head over to and go to the forums, they have a tutorial for just about anything. That is where I learned to make the Second Tiberium War

Jun 3 2019 Anchor

Sweet! I'll look into that. thank you!

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