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Aug 31 2013 Anchor

Hey guys! Attempting to do a capture the flag sort of project in Half life 2 for class, but i cannot seem to find any information on how to actually do it. We can get most of it done ourselves, and we have a few weeks left to do it, so we're just working on art and general layout for now. Hopefully someone here can lend some help. =)

Basically, we need to figure out how to actually make the 'flag' sort of object that the enemy team can pick up, but not your own probably ridiculously simple, and to be honest we haven't had much time to toy with it yet, we've been busy making art assets and things..
There are a few other team based things that we will have across the map so figuring this out should help us with those, as well. =)

Any time i search for capture the flag help i just find that downloadable CTF map for hl2 which doesn't help me make a map. =)

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!


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