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Dec 3 2017 Anchor

Hi everyone!

I wanted to edit an old blog of mine (a guide I wrote in late 2014) which is still active and being read by people. Since this guide does contain obsolete informations, I wanted to write it somewhere in there, to make it clear to everyone reading it for the first time.

What is holding me back from doing it is the (pointless) 100000 characters limit. The guide was written way before such a limit existed, and I don't want to delete it since it's a quite long text and I don't want to erase something I spent so much time over because of some weird new rules .

How can I edit my post without ultimately destroying my work? Is there a way?


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Thanoshld aka thanoshltbeginning
Dec 6 2017 Anchor

Hey there!

I was not aware there was a 100k characters limit implemented. One way to do it is add your "WARSWORD CONQUEST (Mount & Blade Warband Mod): Beginner's Guide and Tips" (which I guess is the one you want to edit) as a jpg. image. You copy your guide in a Word document, you make your changes, save it as a .pdf and then convert it into a .jpg. Then, you can simply upload it in your blog, replacing your existing text guide. Downside: you must to this every time you want to change one tiny little thing. But I don't see another way myself. Maybe someone from the staff might be more helpful.


Creator of the Half Life 1 mod Deflections.

Dec 6 2017 Anchor

I'm going to try that, it could be a solution (unless I clash with another limitation of any kind...).

Thank you for the suggestion :)

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