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Aug 12 2018 Anchor

Hello, everyone!

Okay, so I am working on a project that could completely change the way in which Call of Chernobyl may be played, providing that I am able to make this modification. The question is this: is there any way that I can make all/most of the game's NPC characters become hostile towards the player by default via altering the game's code? To be more specific, I am seeking a viable method of making all NPC characters hostile to the player character by default (via altering the game's code). On top of this, is there any way in which I am able to limit the factions in which a player is able to join (via the character creation screen)? For any potential and existing helpers, many thanks in advance.

Also, is there any way in which I can restrict the player from using certain weapons?

AUTHOR'S NOTE: At the moment, I do not wish to disclose the project/mod that I am currently working on as I am aiming to keep it as a surprise up until it has been released. It does NOT violate the Mod DB guidelines in any way - I am just reluctant to make it public at the moment as I want to keep it as a surprise for our lovely community (for now). However, upon publishing this modification, I WILL credit anyone who has tried to help me.

Regards, RussianSniper117.

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Sep 11 2018 Anchor


i don't know the Stalker modding, but i'm a big fan ! good luck !

stalker is the best serie ever ! :(

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