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May 17 2019 Anchor

Earlier tonight i made the choice to finally begin playing V21 of Brutal Doom, only to discover in a very wierd way certain explosions crash the game and the mod. Grenades, rockets, certain explosive barrels just straight up crash the game. Ive tested so many different scenarios but ever time it always ends in a crash resulting in this screen

crash screen

im using the ZDL launcher v3.2.2 to complie and launch brutal doom along side mr chris's brutalized maps and the Doom Metal wad VOl 4

here is a screenshot of my ZDL launcher just fyicrashs screen 2

im Using GZDoom as my main source port, if anyone can help me with this issue id greatly appriciate it as i love this mod to death thanks!

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May 24 2019 Anchor

This also happens to me :(

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