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Aug 27 2017 Anchor

Beneath the Waves as an adventure game filled with mystery and puzzles.

Set on an island (inspired by Mont Saint-Michel) cut off from the mainland by the tides you take the roll of a travel author. You find yourself on this quaint island to write an article about popular tourist places during their off season. Before you know it a mysterious plot is laid out in front of you.

WIP Player Character

WIP Player Character

Beneath the Ways is in many ways a classical adventure game with point and click mechanics. However the game taking place on an island we will have you be able to freely walk around the location not locked for plot reasons.

Sounds interesting? We hope it does then these links might interest you further so you can keep up with the progress of Beneath the Waves.




Development blog

Development blog #1 - Introduction

Development blog #2 - Level Design

We have started to play around with some music to set the tone of the game, this is the work in progress so far.

Penumbra - Beneath the Waves.

In development blog #2 we talk about what we have been up to lately like music, level design and the player character .
Development #2

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