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Aug 23 2014 Anchor

Hello everyone

My name's Edoardo, and I'm an Italian Game Designer in the making.
Bit of a lurker on these forums. I've decided to come out of hiding and get my hands onto something concrete. Being my first project, it's not exactly easy to find people to work with!

That's why I've come up with this post. What I'm looking for, are two people in the same boat as me. Future developers, with little or no experience, but highly motivated to get something done, and learn in the process (I've come up with an ideal team size of 3, but if you have suggestions, you're welcome to tell me!)

So. In order to keep things simple, we will probably be focusing on a 2d project. Hence, we need a 2d artist. As far as the coder goes, I've studied a bit of C++ myself, but nowhere near enough to produce anything on my own - so, we'll need someone who actually knows a programming language

Everything's up for discussion! That's the beauty of learning together, I've always found. Really, the only requirement I ask is that you're motivated, can speak fluent english (group communication is important, sorry!), and have the time to dedicate for the following months. As long as you think you're good enough in your field, then you have enough qualification!

If you choose to accept, remember, we're all beginners! We'll no doubt be making mistakes, but we'll make them together, and learn from them. And hey, bonus, we get to make a game in the meanwhile!

I will most likely be handling the writing, level design, general organization and overheads for the team. I have a bunch of design documents already, but I think for the good of this project, we'll probably make a new one while brainstorming together

Thanks for anyone interested! And if you have any advice, always welcome to hear them!

Edoardo "0positivo"
Skype: zeropositivo1990

Aug 24 2014 Anchor

i'm a programmer myself (although not a beginner as i've released various 2d projects on different platforms) and I would be interested to help you if you can find a decent 2d artist

Aug 25 2014 Anchor

Awesome! Let's see if we can get a tentative team together, and a 2d artist to show up

Aug 27 2014 Anchor

good luck!

I tried to add you on Skype for a quick chat....

Aug 27 2014 Anchor

I can do some 2D art, I would love to help out, here is my deviant art page.

Aug 28 2014 Anchor

Just perfect! Let's get each other's skype contact, and we'll chat there to organize everything

Aug 28 2014 Anchor

@Figro I can only see 3d art in your portfolio page

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