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Oct 3 2017 Anchor

well I know the topic I created sounds freaking crazy.but since this is the idea and concepts, I have a right for say my Idea no matter crazy is doesn't it? ok to the point. my idea is bf2 mod where we experience the war of GI JOE toyline (or another 3'75 soldier toyline for minor soldier or team, it's very boring if the cobra is the only enemy doesnt it?) well, i know few of bf2 player is getting bored of typical battlefield map. so lets bring new expirience of battlefield. since I could say this is non profit concept project. hasbro wouldn't bothered with me right? right now I don't have any project team. so i write this thread for searching anyone who intrested or approve my idea. for now thats it my idea. I'll developing the idea later if i have gathered project member. if you need my contact you can email me on or my ID line dhimas731 or my FB アズマ ユジ and my discord #7468. thx for your attention

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