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Nov 17 2017 Anchor

Hey guys I have been trying to get BF1942 to work and it won't launch all I get is the loading circle on the mouse. I have the CD-Rom version I don't know whats wrong. I need help, Thanks :):)

Nov 25 2017 Anchor

well can you upload the content of the CD online so the guys might help i think that can work or use there you'll find all kind of developpers ,

I hope my advise could help you in any way

Nov 26 2017 Anchor

First thing to try change compabality settings, than Im out :D

Nov 29 2017 Anchor

Thanks guys for the help. IT WORKED YAY :) :) :) thanks so much

Nov 30 2017 Anchor

What was the problem?

Nov 30 2017 Anchor

It was compatibility issue, thanks so much :) :) :)

Dec 1 2017 Anchor

Good to hear :)

Dec 4 2017 Anchor

yeah good to hear that

Dec 7 2017 Anchor

thanks thunderkill

May 18 2018 Anchor

Where can I download the original BF 1942 Game please ?

I'm gonna need original files before getting mods for it eh ?

I'm all set, Great Site this, thx guys :)

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