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Aug 12 2019 Anchor

Hello all! I'm a bit new to the forums, and the website overall. But with BFME 1, BFME 2 and BFME ROTWK no longer getting support from EA, so you can't download the updates via the games anymore, to get higher res and what not. But I was told I can find those exact files here on this site. I looked around a bit, found

Which says to be the latest update for BFME 1, but when I downloaded and installed it, I don't get 1920x1080 as an option, so I'm unsure if it really is EA's latest version or not? Or maybe the game update never did give the option for 1920x1080, and it gave an option a bit lower. It's been awhile since I've played the games.

Mainly I was looking for help on finding the update files for the 3 games, BFME 1, BFME 2 and BFME ROTWK. Or maybe a mod that doesn't change to much, and gives the support for higher res?

Thanks for any and all help! Love LOTR, and EA really did well with the BFME games, and since I'll never get a BFME 3, I just need to replay these every few years! FYI, I own the games on discs, just need the update files!

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