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Dec 3 2018 Anchor

Hello, RoozyDB here.

I am very very sorry for the inconvenience on what I have done.

The reason was that I was harassing people is because I was trying to let Asashio and Felix from insulting me, because they use excessive words and such.

But I sincerely harassed them because of my behavior and actions on what I was doing. I was trying to get them away but they didn't.

So, please unban me. I do not want the answer to be "no, that won't be applied due to the terms of service", I just want to get back to ModDB.

I still need to release The Nitelock Hotel because of TheGamerPro9071 trying to panic that the mod will be released or it is dead. But I am not done with it.

I am very sorry for trying to ban evade. Since the Amnesia Community is trying to decrease with insulting people, I will not harass again, and I will improve.

I have tried to email the ModDB support team. They also confused me and let my account banned forever because I do not know what they were talking about.

If you are trying to say that you, Staff, can not unban my account for many reasons, it is because of too many accounts I have made. And again, I am really sorry for these accounts.

Please visit my account:

Thank you.


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Dec 7 2018 Anchor


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