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Jan 12 2018 Anchor

John Montoya - SAG-AFTRA Signatory, Voiceover Talent Sourcer, and Audio Professional

Hi there! I am a multi-talented audio professional looking for new and exciting projects for 2018 and beyond.


Sound Reel:

My latest demo reel can be found here:


  • Sourcing voiceover talent (both union and non-union
  • Working with SAG-AFTRA, allowing your projects to hire your favorite voice actors and actresses
  • Directing and coaching recording sessions, including adding meta data and editing audio files to your specifications

I have a list of both classically trained veterans and newcomers to the scene ready to breathe life into your characters and games.


  • Uniquely suiting your games with music to help tell your story
  • Customized cues, meaning you'll be able to give your own creative input to help shape the sound and dynamics of songs
  • Multiple genres available, including but not limited to: Orchestral, electronica, rock, chiptune, hip hop, and pop

Audio Editing

  • Splicing and removing and unwanted sounds
  • Mixing and mastering of audio to industry standard and personal specifications
  • Organizing and adding meta data

Original Music Credits

  • Ford Fiesta Movement - YouTube
  • Chronoblast - Xbox Live Indie Games
  • Light Ride - Mobile
  • Melty's Drip - Mobile
  • Trubatuuri - Web Browser
  • Advertising Spot – Visa
  • Advertising Spot – Medicare
  • UFC Ultimate Insider (Episodes 413 & 429) – FOX Sports
  • BPL World EP 25 – Sky Sports
  • The Ride: Snoop Dogg – MTV
  • Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: Jimmy Fallon – Crackle
  • Un Neuvo Dia – Telemundo
  • Show 5030 – Steve Harvey TV
  • Love & Hip Hop (EP: Past and Present) – VH1
  • Secrets of the Underground (EP: America's Buried Massacre) – Science Channel
  • MOTHERBOARD (EP: Who Killed the Smart Gun?) - VICELAND

Voiceover Editing

  • Communication Failure - Audiobook on Audible by Joe Zieja

Mixing & Mastering

  • Amhrán Ársa (Oldsong from Pillars of Eternity) by Obsidian Entertainment and The Travelers VGM
  • SUCCESSOR: Final Fantasy VIII Remixed by Materia Collective
  • MOBIUS: Sonic the Hedgehog Remixed by Materia Collective
  • NIBEL: Ori and the Blind Forest Remixed by Materia Collective
  • FALLEN: An Undertale Tribute by Materia Collective
  • MULTIPLAYER III: WAVE by Materia Collective
  • YIN/YANG: A OneShot Concept Album by Materia Collective
  • Prelude to a Fantasy (Music from the Final Fantasy Series) by The Travelers VGM
  • Winterhearth by The Travelers VGM
  • Aontacht by The Travelers VGM
  • Ode to the Lovers by The Travelers VGM
  • Prologue to Our Story: Final Fantasy Main Theme (Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary) by The Travelers VGM
  • Ready Set Go! by David Erick Ramos (docjazz4)


Let's create something amazing together. :)

Edited by: johnmontoya

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