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Feb 13 2013 Anchor
hello and welcome.

currently in development.not much information to give but you can visit our YouTube channel.
visit our forums site

Armed survivor is a multiplayer PVP survivor game based on an apocalyptic environment and here are some features.

kill to

To create realism in a game we think of an open world sandbox.we think of games with no limits to what you can do.with such an open world to explore you will have many challenges while you play.if you would rather go and search for supplies while shooting every zombie you see.or stay incognito and stealthy and silently pick off your enemies.its up to you to decide.

Friend grouping
there's nothing better in a game to be playing with your friends on which you can help each other to survive against the UNDEAD and bandits.An advanced grouping system is coming which will give safety to your group even if they try to kill that means no traitors
Weapons and equipment In armed survivor we wan to incorporate a large variety of weapons that will suite the players pistols,rifles,shotguns,grenades,mines,melee weapons and more.items are a must in our game and each item does its job.consumable items will heal you,feed you and keep you in shape during your time in ARMED SURVIVOR.all of these items and weapons can be found all around the environment.

Realistic interactive World
to make a realistic game realistic elements need to be put in a game to make it realistic (obviously).so think of animals that you can hunt to use a resource to help you in the game to us the animals pelt to create clothing use the animals meat to cook,eat.many different species will be in the game which are all not neutral because they need to survive as making the game look and feel nice we want to give players the opportunity to use the environment to give an advantage.cliff climbing to give exotic routes so there's no one path way to will be able to swim,drive many vehicles of cars,boats,bikes,and more. we wan to use transportation as a tool to give a better and faster method to travel from point A to point B .getting in a car and leaving it is not that simple. you'll need to first find a car repair it refuel it and take care of it.

so as of know you have got the basics of the game and to ever have a hope in Armed survivor we need the time and effort.
soon there's going to be video footage and images of Armed survivor but for know take a look at our forums and help us by giving us ideas and even work for us.

visit our website,youtube and facebook pages.


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