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Jun 6 2021 Anchor

Hello, we made an arcade game and wanna introduce it to you.

The name of the game is ‘Blanche’, which means ‘white’ in French.

KakaoTalk 4 1

The goal of this game is touching tiles corresponding to the color presented in the upper part.

If you touch a specific number of tiles, stage changes.

The number of touches needed to pass the stage increases

For example, if you wanna pass 1st stage to 2nd stage, you should touch a tile. And if you wanna pass 2nd stage to 3rd stage, you should touch two tiles.

The pattern of a stage is the same with a previous stage except the final tile.

If pattern of 4th stage is ‘Gray - Blue - White - White’, the pattern of 5th stage will be ‘Gray - Blue - White - White - @’
It is similar to “I packed my bag”

Thank you for your time.

You can download it on this link.

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