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Oct 18 2013 Anchor

Hey guys and gals,

just want to let you know about my 3d vegetation store. I think it is very interesting for most here.
With my roots on game-dev run a shop spezialised on 3d trees, plants and even 3d model collections. All 12 collections fit well in each other and no styles get mixed up. Some of my customers even built whole prototypes out of the collections.

You can sign up for a monthly newsletter with nice discounts or even contact me for custom work.
But most of themes are already covered. From medieval to modern warfare or from pines to desert. ;)


Here is a small in-game teaser from my last collection I did called DesertHD. :)

I hope it is not wrong to post here. Don't want to spam the forums. :) :)

Oct 18 2013 Anchor

I love the models, everything you have there. Your scenery screenshots are very beautiful and inspirational and I can see many people stopping by and coming up with how they could grab this and that pack and make a game with them because they fit so well together.

I was blown away by the extent and quality of the material so I dived straight into what I think is hardest to do: the animal animations. They were organic and pretty lifelike, but I did find the walk animations sub-par compared to your overall quality.

So, excellent work, I'm not sure about the pricing but I wish people would aim for this quality in their games :) But shouldn't you be in Unity Asset store to reach your best target demographic?

ambershee Nimbusfish Rawks
Oct 18 2013 Anchor

There are more engines out there than Unity :p

Oct 18 2013 Anchor

I know and I don't even use Unity myself.

Two reasons why I mention Unity Asset Store specifically:

1) Compared to custom built engines that often have a proper team with asset creators, Unity has many developers who lack asset creation skills but don't want to form a team with someone who does. It's because Unity is the perfect tool for one man teams, except you still need assets. And as an asset creator you want to seize the opportunity about that "except" :)
2) Unity users mainly only check Unity Asset Store and not other sites or Google when they're searching something. They often just buy the closest match UAS has.

But yeah, nothing stops you from going Turbosquid or other digital market sites in addition, but anyway I see a hindrance in keeping your product on your own pages alone.

Cheers :)

Oct 19 2013 Anchor

The animals were made for project by a freelancer and after I finished the project I decided to sell them. I liked the animations a lot. Especially the rabbit. All I can do are all kind of environments and vegetation so I stick with this although I get many requests for items and NPCs too.

I think the pricing is okay for the fact that a developer will save lots of time modeling all the stuff alone or have someone hired. I think for fundin a game good visuals is on important the key.
Converting the models to different formats, making product screenshots are a lot work. Plus all the modeling. If you take a look at the RocksHD you will see all rocks are made in ZBrush, baked maps, are well laid out without any texture seams so you can rotate as you wish.
For people who don't want to spent much money I have the other Rocks Collection which I reduced after releaseing RocksHD.

I thought about the Unity Asset Store too but never found the time to work myself into the engine there and convert the models. I know some UnityUsers use my collections but as far as I know Unity has an own vegetation system?
The Shop over at Pure3D is my home-shop. Of course i sell on other sites too. But at Pure3D it is cheapest of course plus the discounts are only there.

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