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Jun 24 2012 Anchor

Since it looks like TF: Forever kinda's dead. I thought about makeing a mod based off scraped ideas in the TF series and a TF1 feel to it. I'll need a mod team to help me out on somethings in the mod, but I won't do it right now because I want to try this concept out frist before posting. Here are some ideas for the game:

*You have ranks for each class, and if you reach a new rank (Like level four on the Scout class) you get new weapons and ohter things.
*Medics are female and have a case full of shots. One shot gives teammates extra health unteil the lose it in combat, you can use it on yourself by clicking mouse 2. The ohter one can be used on enmmies and gives them a deadly drug that kills them slowly unless they get health.
*Grenades return.
*Civilians return and are used to make peace talks to try to end the game to a new class called the Commander.
*Commander's call out support, tell the team to attack an enmmy/go to that point, and spawns at highist point in the map. They use Civilians to tell the enmmy commander peace talks in order to end the game quicker and not as blooder.
*The Pyro can replace it's Flamethrower with a shotgun that shoots Dragon's Breath fire bullets.
*Helments. Helments can be used on classes so they can't get damaged by explosions from Frags and ohter things. The Pyro has a helment that can't be used on ohter classes called the Gas Mask, so he won't get damged by the smoke of his own flames. The Soldier has a helment that is unlocked by defalt.
*The Engis do not use wrenchs, they use hardware drills.

So what do you guys think?

Anyone like?

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Jun 26 2012 Anchor

sound good...... but there is some questions about this8)
1.Will it have bots?
2. What is the mod running on?
3.Will it be able to run on netbooks?

Jun 26 2012 Anchor

1.Haven't thought of that. Maybe a training level.
2.Source SDK Base 2007 and Source.
3.I don't think so. Never herad of a netbook.

Jun 26 2012 Anchor

collector1 wrote: 1.Haven't thought of that. Maybe a training level.
2.Source SDK Base 2007 and Source.
3.I don't think so. Never herad of a netbook.

2.Wait does that mean i need to download
Source SDK Base 2007 and Source from steam?
3.a small laptop or you can call it an laptop.

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Jun 26 2012 Anchor

2. Yes. Source SDK Base 2007 and Source come with TF2 or any Valve game before 2004.
3. Well I use a Laptop. But I don't think it could be used on small ones. All just see how space to use when I get everything done.

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Sep 25 2012 Anchor

Civilian using for peace talk is stupid and impossible. Enemy commander can kill the civilian.
Civilian should be used only and ONLY VIP Escort mode.

And also engineers using drills are also stupid, how is one going to construct a sentry using just a drill? Wrench is the best option.
Most of your idea are bad *tsk* *tsk*

Sep 25 2012 Anchor

there is allready one doing something simelaire

Sep 25 2012 Anchor

There's a son of Quake & Quake 2 tutorials on how to make TF style mods, you could use those & make a stand alone game instead of relying on Source SDK.

Not only could it be more accessible (because of the possible lower requirements of those engines) it could also look nicer (modern ports support lots of graphical features Source doesn't).

However, the big thing is that then anyone could play, not just those who can use Steam, you wouldn't need a new account for each LAN player, it could still be on steam, etc.


Go play some Quake 2:
It's like Source v0.9, only... better!
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