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Mar 26 2018 Anchor

This story has nothing to do with the current, I just wanted to share it and get feedback on it. This is just a segment of it that I do plan on improving, but I need feedback first and guidance before I do anything with the story.

Intro: 10 years After Black Mesa’s destruction and Adrian Shepard's mission failure to subdue and kill Gordon Freeman, Adrian finds himself caught in a struggle between The Combine and Earth’s resistance forces in what remains of the U.S. Adrian Shephard's mission now is to help the resistance fighters (The Phoenix Marines) to take down a combine citadel within the vast ruins of Phoenix Arizona. Taking down the citadel is key to preventing the Combine from teleporting troops to Earth to reinforce and destroy; any remaining traces of resistance. Along the way, Adrian will fight off Xen Aliens, remnants of race x, and the Combine themselves.

Chapter 1: The Awakening- Gman: Good morning, Mr. Shepard, or shall I say... Corporal Adrian Shephard. It’s been a while since our last appointment. If I remember, you finished the job of deactivating a bomb and stopping a significant gene worm from taking over Earth. The... distinct bomb meant to destroy Black Mesa and cover up the events that befell it and those involved. Well, to be honest... I hate to tell you this, but... somehow... it was reactivated... and well… Black Mesa is no more. (Sinisterly smirks.) Oh, and I haven’t forgotten your mission to take down the infamous; Dr. Gordon Freeman. I haven’t forgotten about Mr.Freeman, I simply have plans for him in the near future, but first… let me start with you.

You see... Corporal Shephard, I have a job position for you... a position I know a man of your stature wouldn’t decline. Back at Black Mesa... you vigilantly fought alongside your comrades, who were sent there by a prominent-man that lurked in the shadows during the incident. This... man now serves a far greater power, a power that gives benefits to men who gladly implore them. He has lived too' long and done enough... He is solely how I put it... expired... I know you have many questions as to whom that may be... but in time you shall know him. Oh, will you look at the time? Our assemblage is done. Its been a pleasure catching up with old contacts, but I simply... must take my leave and move onto my next appointment. Farewell, Corporal Adrain Shepard, may our paths cross again when the time arrives.

Jul 20 2021 Anchor

cool, cool, you are great


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