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Feb 12 2016 Anchor

hey guys. I have an idea. A new shooter game which happens at school. Senior grade students against Juniors. Assassination of the schoolmaster and invasion of zombies and other fun stuff! I think it would be great

Feb 12 2016 Anchor

What are you trying to do? It's a great idea but are you looking for help makin it or ssaying someone sould make it?

Feb 12 2016 Anchor

@aeirya : That sounds great! what engine are you going to use to create that shooter game?

TKAzA Community Manager
Feb 13 2016 Anchor

May not be taken well, with all the shootings in schools & whatnot, there was much outrage with a mod with the same theme once upon a time.

Feb 13 2016 Anchor

That is what I had thought too at first glance when I have seen the thread's title but, depending on how it is done, it could work.

Feb 13 2016 Anchor

Why not paintball as seen in 'Community', real guns may feel a bit 'Bowling for Columbine'. Unless you want to create a media storm around the title.

Reborn:X Waiting...
Feb 13 2016 Anchor

Rather not.


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Feb 17 2016 Anchor

That sounds great!

Mar 1 2016 Anchor

It sounds so great, just by reading it i got a ton of ideas of what all you can add and how the game would look like. I would suggest you to keep it simple, don't add zombies, it sounded a bit far to me.

Instead of zombies you can add something like, joining the forces of junior and senior students to fight against evil college students who came for a special seminar but with other intentions or something of that sort.

And instead of shooting you can add planned group mischief, like i used to watch that cartoon called Recess, if anyone heard of it? Something like that. So many thing you can do with this....

Drown_ Fear will reign above it all
Apr 12 2016 Anchor

Wow really ?

The idea of a game set in a school is nothing bad. The idea of a game set in a school about shooting IS really bad. Why ? First of all , despite all the moral doubts that bug me is another one : Why in the hell would seniors and juniors shoot each other ? There would be football, paintball, soccer ... ANYTHING - but not shoot outs. thats just plain unrealistic and does not make much sense.

Check out the game "Bully" , there might be some inspiration for a school-type game without the ridiculous shooting part.


Feb 19 2018 Anchor

If you finish making it I'm sure it will get a lot of free publicity.

Feb 22 2018 Anchor

Doesn't sound like such a great idea with all the mass shootings that just happened in less than two months of 2018....

Oct 22 2018 Anchor

Personally, I would say you shouldn't make it due to the moral ethics that the game might be get tied with. Mass shootings where innocent lives are lost. This game title is bound to get associated with bad PR.

But you will definitely get a lot of free publicity, and I'm pretty sure that whenever a mass shooting takes place, the press will relate to your game and about how it is a bad example for kids. So, if you're fine with being associated to such press, then by all means proceed with the creating game. Afterall, it's just the meaning that people put behind game content.

But just warning you what lies ahead.

Nightshade Technical Artist
Oct 29 2018 Anchor

Don't feed the troll


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