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Aug 31 2019 Anchor

[Updated 3 January 2020]

[Minor update 5 January, fixing a crash]

"Adventure is My Path"

Traversal, Puzzles, and Combat in a Heroic-Fantasy Setting

I've just released a "redux" demo for A Door to the Mists!

You should find it here:

(And that page has been significantly revamped, too!)

Press-kit on IndieDB


Major Changes:

This demo incorporates a lot of fixes, changes, and tweaks, some in response to player-feedback on the previous demo. A full list would be... exhaustive--but the major changes are these:

  • Reworked combat!
    • A redone approach to controlling the action
    • Reworked AI
    • More-detailed accessibility/difficulty options
  • Improved traversal
    • Both mechanically and in the layout of the first two levels
  • Performance improvements
  • More things to see and find in the third level

About the Game:

An adventurer with a yearning to explore the inaccessible, misty world of magic hears a tale of a door that opens onto that world, located in a lost city. She embarks on a journey through desolate and dangerous places to discover this city and its door, and enter the mist-world.

Core Features:

  • Traversal and exploration, with universal mantling
  • Puzzle-solving, both in-level and via minigame puzzles
  • Combat, sparse and one-on-one

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