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Sep 10 2018 Anchor

Specs: I7 6700k Asus Z170 Maximus Formula 1080ti Founder Edition 398.86 Driver 16gb Ram Windows 10 pro

Have had an issue crop up tonight and am having a tough time pinpointing whats going on. I was playing Monster Hunter and My frame rate suddenly dropped from 70ish fps down to 40-50 and stayed there. Restarting the game didn't help. Temps are at 70C, FE card so that's about as good as it gets for temps. I posted about it on my blog too

Figured this must be a game problem because afterburner was showing a core clock of 1999mhz and 100% GPU load. Booted up Firestrike and ran a benchmark, abysmal results. Rebooted into safe mode and DDU'ed the drivers and reinstalled them.

Played monster hunter for another half hour with good framerate until it dropped off a cliff again to 40-50fps. Ran firestrike again same abysmal results. Rebooted computer and ran firestrike on a fresh reboot and had normal results.

A little lost as to what is going on, no crashes or anything just low FPS.

TLDR: Framerate drops and stays low, seems like graphics card isn't performing at full clocks even though afterburner shows full gpu load, good temps, and high clocks. Driver uninstall didn't fix it, rebooting does?

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