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I realized, at the end of my day, that I was being distracted by graphics. I was having a TON of fun drawing up my zombies, but that I was completely forgetting what had drawn me to make a game in the first place.

I hate game companies that focus entirely on graphics instead of creating a fun and dynamic experience. It amazes me how much it satisfies to create a visual element for the game. It really drew my interest, even now I crave to see my zombies in 2D. However, that will be for later. Not now.
I will refocus on getting the essential elements of my game designed. v0.01 will feature a test battle scenario and a basic interface for you to work on. My goal will be to have it completed in a weeks time. I should be able to have it done faster, but I will have to redo some of my work.

Keep in mind, my goal is the battle AI, not the interface. I already know what I want to do, to get it working. Zombie Master is supposed to be my 'Hello World' Project, although more interesting than that. So I will be stripping it down to the bones. I want to create a functional AI. Nothing complex, but it will do the job.

I have set a graphical limit to this project, I will not progress to an animated, 2D or 3D (Yes, I am a complete amateur and I had thought about even 3D...), The graphics will serve to polish the games interface, but not modernize it. Keyboard will be the center piece of the games interface.

If I can work it out, I would love to animate this game, but that will be a project for v 2.0 which is a lifetime away from now.

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