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Think you can make a decent reskin pack for all the zombie and headcrab models? We're looking for someone who can...

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In an effort to get a decent skinner to maybe aid in making ZC a little more fresh and shiny, I'm starting a competition that will hopefully get some competitors.

We're looking for someone who can create a great reskin of the following:

Fast Headcrab
Black Headcrab
Fast Zombie
Poison Zombie


1. No re-modelling or anything that involves altering the original models.
2. Must only reskin! For example, opening up the headcrab skin in PhotoShop and drawing a happy face on it is acceptable. Altering anything else such as code or the model is not.
3. Do not use other people's content. All the modifications done to the skin must be by you!
4. Don't make the zombies look like funky disco-heads... Do something scary, but realistic. No crappy bright red, blocky blood or writing all over the place.
5. Reskins must not include any vulgar writing or drawings.
6. Alright how about no writing at all?

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