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The Principality of Zeon is more in favor of producing fewer highly specialized units, effectively the opposite mindset of the Federation.

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Zeon unit roster, starting with space: Zeon's armory:
Tech 1:

Gagaul Class Destroyer:
L:67 meters, Armament: 1 double beam cannon, 1 6-tube missile turret, 2 AA turrets
Complement: 1 MS Team
Forward picket ship left over from the republic of zeon.

Musai Class Light Cruiser:
L: 230 meters. Armament: 3 2-barrel megaparticle cannon turrets, 2 large missile tubes, 8 small missile tubes
Complement: 2 MS teams

Chivvay Class Heavy Cruiser:
L:235 meters. Armament: 2 3-barrel heavy particle cannons, 18 AA guns, 12 Missile tubes.
Complement: 3 squadrons of heavy fighters for tech 1-2, 2 MS teams and one mobile armor for tech 3 and 4
Holdover ship from the Republic of Zeon defense force. Unlike the musai, it trades frontal firepower for broadside capability, as well as possessing many AA guns.

Tech 2: Zeon begins to deploy its reserve ships in order to make up for losses

Gwazine class Battleship:
L:440 meters. Armament: 3 2-barrel large particle cannons, 10 2-barrel particle cannons, "many" AA guns, likely a few more than that of the Chivvay
Complement: 6 MS teams and later one MA
excessively large and powerful battleships that are slow to produce.

Papua class:
L: 300 meters. Armament: na. Complement: 4 MS teams
due to MS production outstripping battleship production, the Zeons have taken to using these freighters as reserve carriers.

Tech 3:
Zanzibar Class Assault Carrier:
L: 255 meters. Armament: 2 barrel main cannon, 4 internal megaparticle cannons, 2 large missile tubes, 5 AA guns.
Complement: 2 MS teams.

Tech 4:

Zanzibar Chimaira:
L: ~350 meters. Armament: same as Zanzibar
Complement: 4 MS teams and 1 Mobile armor

Pazock Class Freighter:
L:260 meters. Armament: na Complement: 8 MS teams and 1 MA
With twice the capacity of the papua class, the Pazock would be used as a heavy carrier during emergencies at the end of the war.

Tivvay Class heavy cruiser:
L:235 meters. Armament: 2 3-barrel heavy particle cannons, 18 AA guns, 4 Missile tubes.
Complement: 2 elite MS teams and 1 mobile armor.
Special forces refit of the Chivvay Class, removing missiles for advanced MS capacity.

Dolos Class Mothership:
L:492 Meters. Armament: 8 2-barrel Massive Megaparticle cannon placed in broadside positions
Complement: 52 MS teams and 13 MA
Super heavy mothership. slow to produce, expensive, and outright unmatched by anything either side has.

Zeon Complement units begin here:
Gobble Fighter:
An outdated missile fighter that sees most use against ships. Carried until tech 3 by Chivvay Cruisers. actually inferior to its federation counterpart in a fight, much like her carrier ship.

MS06 Zaku 2:
The Zaku 2 is fast enough to dodge through beam fire and big and well armored enough to brush off significant AA fire, all while carrying heavy weapons. Teams will be deployed half and half with either 125 mm auto cannon or Bazookas. you will hate them until they meet GMs.
Carried by the Gagaul through all techs, the Musai for tech 1 and 2, the Gwazine for tech 2, the Papua from 2 onward, the Chivvay at tech 3, the Pazock at tech 4, and a few will even deploy from Dolos Carriers.

MS09 Rick Dom:
An imrovement over the Zaku 2 in terms of armor and manueverability and the "bomber" aso carries a bigger Bazooka. still split half and half with units carrying Autocannons and Bazookas.
The wiki says its much bulkier than the zaku but its only by one meter. Zeon MS are stored by lying down anyhow.
Replaces the Zaku 2 aboard Musais and Gwazines and is carried by Zanzibars at tech 3, replaces Zakus aboard the Chivvay at Tech 4, as well as seeing service aboard Pazocks and Dolos classes.

MS14 Gelgoog:
Designed to counter even the greatest of federation MS, the Gelgoog had such a powerful reactor that mounting an additional shoulder Beam Cannon had no effect on power output. A fearsome MS flawed only By its limited deployment on important warships due to the sheer cost of the units. carries a powerful beam rifle.
Replaces the Dom on Gwazine and Zanzibar ships, as well as seeing service on Dolos and Chimaira at tech 4

Gelgoog Cannon:
the shoulder mounted beam cannon variant is quite rare, with a single team aboard Chimaira and Dolos types.

Gelgoog Jaeger:
Limited production Ace use Gelgoog equipped with a beam machine gun.
its also faster, more manueverable, and just as armored. considering the standard Gelgoog is equal to the Gundam in terms of speed and firepower, Throw GMs at it. All of them
Deployed by Tivvay And Gwazine Class at tech 4. one team each

MS18E Kampfer:
Fastest MS in existence, designed to annhilate enemy MS targets with mines, missiles, and a really big shotgun. This makes it pretty useless against Gundams, but GMs and Guncannons need to fear it. Carried aboard Tivvays only.

Mobile armors begin here:
Mobile armors are much bigger than MS, and do well to round out that many ships have capacities not devisible by 3. Many MA have large operational ranges and so can deploy independantly and are produced at a unique building that must be constructed called the Flanagan Institute. due to the rarity of newtypes Newtype use MA are only allowed 3 at one time

MA05 Bigro:
Effectively a very fast cloaking bomber. equipped with missles, a particle cannon, and a gatling cannon. Serves aboard Chivvay and Gwazine at tech 3, as well as the Dolos, Chimaira and Pazock. Complement only

MA06 Val Walo:
Variant of the Bigro that trades cloaking ability for massive ammounts of firepower and armor. Similiarly equipped with additional point defense beam weaponry, making it much more effective against MS. While not newtype manned the massive weapon is much too large for any hangar and so must be built independantly and is available at tech 4

MSN 02 Zeong:
Newtype use heavy mobile "suit" armed with 13 mega particle guns of varying strengths. deployed solely by Gwazine and Dolos class ships.
Is classified as a mobile armor due to its sheer mass and firepower. Complement only.

Braw Bro:
Newtype use MA equipped with multiple beam turrets. Its pilot gives the ship's weapons accuracy unachievable with computers under minovsky particles. Available in tech 3 and 4 buildable only

New type use MA equiped with 2 beam cannons and mounting thoughtwave controlled 'Funnels" which are miniature beam cannons on thrusters. Using the deploy squadron ability they will behave like fighters. The elmeth on its own is cumbersome and ill suited to actual combat, but her funnels are monstrous. Available in tech 4. buildable only

Zeon land units begin here
Tech 1:
drop company
Zeon does not have the population to fight the federation man for man, so they use much more armour in combat. as such they use highly mobile multirole lesser craft to support their primary ground units, Mobile Suits and landships. 2 Cui, 4 wappa, 5 Weasels, 5 Eins.
APC used to deploy jump jet infantry, equipped with a single heavy machine gun

Machine gun and mine armed gyrocopter, used for scouting and light air support

Coventionally armed light support tank

Magella eins:
Medium support tank, used to escort lesser vehicles

Magella Attack tank company:
Heavy attack tank equipped with a 185 mm main gun and 35 mm rotary gun.\
Deployed in companies of ten, the Magella has weaker armor than the t61, and despite a larger bore the T61 fires 2 rounds at once, so Magellas are inferior in terms of firepower too. Still the unit is faster, making it effective in mopping up after Zakus

Zaku 2 ground type:
Mass production ground variant more suited to high mobility combat and fortress assault than the outright tiny in comparison tanks. Deployed in teams of 3, with 2 members equipped with 120mm autocannon and one member equipped with a bazooka. Considered death gods by the earth forces, and with good reason, these units are the spear head of any zeon assault. for scale the Zaku is 17.5 meters tall. You are likely less than 1.5 meters tall. AT-ATs are 20 meters tall.

Dobb fighters:
Miscalculations on air resistance and gravity caused the Principality's mass production atmospheric fighter to be inferior to the federation's own decades old Saberfish. Still, the Dobb sees use as an interceptor and close air support unit due to the lack of anything more capable of filling that role.

Tech 2:
Gallop Class:
The federation's land battleships often prove too much for even Zaku to cut through, resulting in Zeon fielding a high speed land battleship of their own. Designed to quickly move and deploy its Zaku MS team while avoiding enemy fire, the Gallop is not nearly as armed as the Big Tray, but still serves well in a support artillery and armored carrier role.

Gaw Carrier:
Effectively a flying fortress, the Gau serves to support Zeon ground assaults and protect them from enemy aerial attack with its many AA guns while obliterating ground targets with its megaparticle cannons and missiles.

MS07B Gouf:
Faster and heavier armoured than the Zaku, The Gouf posessed stronger close range capabilites, its lighter caliber but higher rate of fire "hand gun' was extremely potent against lighter targets, while its heat whip (represented in game by a drain life skill with the hp regen removed and reduced cooldown while only being usable on a single target) make it quite fearsome even to the Earth Federation's few G type Gundams. However it still needs to get in range of a target, a fact that would make these suits quite a gamble in the later days of the war.

Tech 3:
Dabude land Battleship:
Smaller than the Federation Mammoth Big tray class, the Dabude is still a highly potent battleship in an artillery role, but is no where near as mobile due to its traditional tank tracks. Carries a large number of light cannons and machine guns on top of its twin heavy cannons.

MS06F2 Zaku 2:
Epuipped with better armor and weapons, the F2 type Zakus were introduced as an update to Zeon's plentiful stock of Ground types. These units were more suited to fire suport at medium to long ranges as Goufs and Doms faced the enemy in lightning attacks.
2 MS use a stronger autocannon while 1 uses a heavier bazooka.

MS09B Dom:
Effectively a hovercraft, (and in game is literally represented as a repulsorlift with the torso being a 180 degree turret) the Dom is a highly mobile ground suit well suited for lightning warfare and counterattacks. While the machine gun units do use the same weapons as the F2, the Bazooka unit mounts a much larger caliber rocket.

Tech 4:
MS09F Dom Funf:
Mounting a mammoth 880 mm Bazooka, these improved Doms sacrifice some speed for armor and firepower.

MS14G Gelgoog Ground Type:
While only a dream at the end of the OYW, should the player have the inclination at tech 4 to produce these units, the gelgoog ground type has firepower and armor well beyond the Doms. 2 units are equipped with beam rifles, while one carries a 360 mm bazooka.

Zeon experimental units:
These units range from kitbashes to wonderweapons, and are produced at the California base should zeon hold it long enough to get a factory set up. This does require pillaging from the Arizona drop point through the Federation's second largest military complex in order to get there, but it is for a bunch of advanced units.

Zaku Tank:
A Magella hull with a Zaku torso, head and arms, these units serve from tech 1 onwards as stand ins for the resource starved zeon ground commanders (cheaper than a zaku, but for a reason) Works in teams of 3

Zaku with Magella Cannon:
A Zaku 2 team with Magella cannons rigged for use as a heavy rifle. Trades better damage for worse rate of fire and movement speed. Tech 1

MS05 Zaku 1 Sniper:
Using a modified Musai Beam Cannon, the Zaku sniper makes use of a slow reserve unit as a heavy sniper. still, it lacks armor and speed.
Serves in tech 2. Deployed in pairs

Hildolfr Mobile Tank:
A 300 mm cannon equipped mobile tank, the massive hildolfr is useful as either a hit and run artiilery unit or as a front line mobile weapon. when deployed it must move much slower, but does pack 2 zaku 2 autocannons on its arms. Used in tech 2

Rhinoceros Mobile armor:
Heavy mobile armor serving in tech 2 as a land support unit. Mounting a 200mm cannon, Rotary cannons and missile launchers, the unit is not heavily armoured, and relies more on not getting hit than tanking shots. Deployed alone in tech 3

YMS16M Xamel:
direct descendant of the Hildolfr, the Xamel is much better armed and armored. Its Titanic 680 mm cannon must be deployed to fire, but the unit is much faster with a hover system, allowing it to quickly reposition should fire come its way. Also uses the advanced machine gun carried by the ZakuF2 and a missile launcher. used in Tech 4

Gabaldy Alpha:
Advanced MS superior to the Gelgoog in speed, armor, and armament, The Galbaldy Alpha was a limited production MS that saw little action due to its late developement.
Two team members cary beam rifles, while one carries an 8 barrel 420 mm rocket launcher.
The unit's power was so impressive that the EF would slightly modify the armor and slap a Beta onto the end of it as one of their primary mass production MS 6 YEARS later.

Absalus 3:
Experimental hovering mobile armor equipped with a godly powerful Beam cannon. Extremely fast, but not very well armored. Build able in tech 4. limit 1

Zeon Hero list:

Tech 1:

Girhen Zabi:
Supreme commander of the Zeon war machine and the primary force behind Zeon Supremacy. Not an actual combat unit, but provides discounts for virtually anything the Principality builds, researches, or trains.

Kycilia Zabi:
Head of Zeon intelligence and weapons developement, provides a large discount to the flanagan institute's construction and Mobile weapons construction, as well as Mobile Suit training. spies can be trained at her location. Does not see actual combat as a real unit either.

Dozle Zabi:
Commander of the Space Attack Force, Dozle is a skilled and admired commander known for fighting alongside his men. His flagship is a Gwazine with a tech specific complement.
Tech 1 sees Char make his debut in his custom red Zaku 2 equipped with vulcan guns and wielding a Bazooka . Char stops being deployed at tech 3. at tech 3 the mobile armor Big Zam piloted by Dozle himself is deployed.
Big Zam:
56 meter tall shielded mobile armor equipped with 1 massive megaparticle cannon and 24 smaller ones ringing its ovoid hull, as well as missile launchers and a pair of autocannons

The Jotunheim:
A heavily modified colombus carrier dedicated to performing weapons tests.
Its abilities allows it to deploy the massive Jormungand gun, as well as put full power to its engines to escape trouble. Unlike its base design, the Jotunheim packs 4 AA guns and a megaparticle cannon. Complement increases with tech.

Jormungand Space Gun:
longest ranged weapon in space, but suffers in accuracy. It is also super fragile.

AMS10 Zudah:
MS team of ghostfighters (reserve or rather unheard of weapons) assigned to protect the ship.
Carry same weaponry as Zakus but have stronger armor and are much faster. Effectively more manueverable Doms. Carried at Tech 2

MP02A Oggo Mobile Pod:
The Oggos were hastily constructed so that minimally trained personnel could man them. They are faster and more manueverable than the federation's pods, (which is damn impressive) while also mounting Zaku weapons. Carries the Zaku 2's Machine gun and missiles strapped to their hulls, making the pods into fighter bombers. the Jotunheim carries 24 of them in 8 teams at tech 3

MA05Ad Big Rang:
an upscaled Bigro Attached to a massive repair station, the big Rang has a repair radius and a beam dispersal field (a shield) on top of heavier weaponry. However the MA is much slower and more prone to getting hit. Piloted by one Oliver May in tech 4

Colonel Von Kuspen:
Space Commander in a buffed Gelgoog. Provides a command bonus and is deployed at tech 4. Jotunheim complement ends here.

Tech 2:
Garma Zabi:
Degwin's favorite child, Garma enlisted in the ground forces and earned his rank as supreme commander. Garma gives a land combat bonus and is deployed in a Gaw Carrier.

Tech 3:
Commander MQuve:
Commands a red Chivvay with the elite Black Tri-stars Team, who pilot Doms at tech 3 and Gelgoogs at tech 4 if their mother ship survives that long. Deploys on land as a Dabude with a buffed named Dom Squad.
MQuve gives a credit boost and a discount for mines, so he should not see much combat.

Char Aznable's Zanzibar:
First of the Zanzibar line of warships that ferries 2 mobile armors and a Gelgoog
Char's Gelgoog:
Heavily buffed red Gelgoog with a command bonus to all MS.
Lalah Sune's Elmeth:
Finally the ships carries a no name redshirt's Bigro.

Midnight Fenrir Corps:
Elite force of veteran MS pilots equipped with top of the line mobile suits. Ground combat unit.
all units are buffed versions of standard MS.
2 F2 Zaku teams
1 Commander type Zaku: an F2 with a commander bonus
1 Gouf Team
1 Dom team
1 Dom Funf Team

Tech 4:
Degwin Sodo Zabi:
Taking the name "Sodo" or "lord" after his Ascension to the throne as Duke of Zeon, Degwin would command respect and unwavering loyalty from, cough, most of his followers. Deploys in a Gwazine class, providing massive commander bonus and large price reduction. In combat his ability is a large radius self destruction (with an effect similiar to being targeted by an offscreen beam weapon) after being targeted by the Zeon superweapon "Solar Ray", which funnily enough destroyed itself from its first firing.

Chimera Corps Flagship "Chimera":
Elite unit of aces deployed by Zeon to counter the Federation's advanced MS
Consists of 1 chimera class that can call in a support fleet (ive seen this done in other mods. simple copy and paste job with some editing to what gets spawned. Alamo ftw) of 2 other chimeras.
it carries buffed named Gelgoogs split between Gelgoog Cannons and Jagers.

Graf Zeppelin:
First of the Tivvay refits, the Graf Zeppelin provides a commander bonus just by being captained by a dude named Von Helsing. The ship has the ability to deploy a nuclear missile
(fast fighter that can self destruct with a significant blast radius.) the skill has a cooldown long enough to make sure you will only get 1 per battle.

The Dried Fish:
Papua class that serves as the flagsip of the living dead division, a fleet of reserves who survived the loss of limb but could not reenter into a standard unit. The dried fish can place "Big Guns" which are very accurate stationary beam cannons that serve as snipers, as well deploying the
Psycho Zaku:
Heavily modified from the same pattern as Char's Zaku, the Psycho Zaku uses a quadruple amputee pilot's thoughts to control it in a manner similiar to newtypes. This thought control allows it to mount a Bazooka, Beam Cannon, and autocannon simultaneously

Zeon Commanders: Background Commanders representing the likes of Ramba Ral, Colonel Killing, Norris Packard, Admiral Delaz, and others. limited at 2 each. trained at academy.
Admiral: Gwazine that provides a bonus to all space units in combat and deploys buffed tech specific MS.
General: Dabude with a command bonus
Ground Ace Team: Buffed MS team equipped with top of the line tech. Gouf, F2 Zaku, Dom, and Gelgoog variants available BEFORE their respective Techs to represent elite experimental units

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