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Some people wanted me to create a change log, well here it is. It is a bit vague so sorry about that.

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X1PF Beta 1.0 Released April 11 2009

Added / Changed:
-> Argon M1 [X2]
1.0-> Argon M2 [X2]
-> Argon M3 [X2]
-> Argon M4 [X2]
-> Argon M5 [X2]
-> Argon M6 [X2]
-> Argon TL [X2]
-> Argon TS [X2]
-> Argon TP [X2]
-> Argon M3 [X4]
-> Argon M6 [X4]
-> New HUD
-> New Menu
-> New XBTF Style Universe
-> Start up message script
-> New shipyard script
-> New effects


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