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There is a skill to keeping things small, and another skill to making things fit. Having the right tools with you when inspiration hits can be usefull too.

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We have been doing some experiments here with changing music styles in-game in a smooth way. We all hear the effect in movies and TV shows, the music changes between themes for various scenes / characters / events. It's a powerful effect when done right. Just looping an MP3 clearly is not going to cut it.

Back in the day, we used to use software called trackers to sequence samples - It was small!. People got more memory available and became lazy. Maybe time to revisit such ideas after all music studios still use such ideas and just call them sequencers instead. The limited Tracker format was great for programmers, but not so great for musicians, maybe time to think sequencers?

This is why I created Songforge. Using a sequencer is not so hard and just storing a few samples certainly makes sence.

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