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A Writer Offers a Review Including Nostalgic Sentiments And What To Expect In The Upcoming Release Of Machine Made: Rebirth

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Who hasn’t felt that desire to be somehow unique? Different from everyone else around you? It’s a feeling I genuinely believe every one of us feels at one point in life. So, why not experience it on a new world, as a memoryless, eye-patched angel? From the get-go, this game pulls you in. You wake up to be told there were complications during the surgery… you’ve lost the use of one eye… but then you want to know “what surgery?” You’re told you’ll have a chance to “start over” now, but you don’t know yet what you’re “starting over” from. Even on your way to train, so you can survive when you leave the ship, you bump into more mysteries, like the girl who greets you like you know each other, before suddenly deciding she won’t speak to you. So, you get to enjoy navigating a cool environment, with fantastic, catchy music, to find the answers and learn who you really are. To learn the answers, you’ll have to play the game, entering into a nostalgic, 8-bit world, with original music well-suited to the style.

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