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Hi guys, Im in need of some opinions about game balance. Please comment below.

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My Opinions:

I created this mod for fully textured LOTR units in Civ 5 and playable multiplayer options for gain more fun. And Im close enough to complete this goal. Im trying to add tile improvements like as Isengard wood camp, Mordor battle tent, Gondor castles, Elven forests etc. for better Middle Earth atmosphere in game.

Game Balance:

It's really mixed up. Im re-making faction strengths because of some units cheap or too good for its price. Also Middle Earth morales. As we know, humans are in bad mood, elves notr, orcs always in bad mood but it doesnt effect them so much. So I can give extra happiness to Mordor by battle tents (tile improvements). And better economical improvements about Gondor for examples.

What do you think guys? Im really in need of opinions.


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