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"We take what we need." And these weapons are what they needed.

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-Freedom Fighter

Brave men willing to risk their lives for a peaceful new world. These "soldiers" have little or no combat training (since most of them were just civilians), only knowing how to use a gun and driven by the determination to end the war. They're armed with the outdated "BAR" light machine gun that deals with infantry pretty well, but not vehicles. Like Conscripts, take advantage of their cheap price to form large mobs of them. It is only when they're in a large mob are they able to take on tanks.

-Attack Dog
These dogs provide the same purposes as it's Allied and Soviet counterparts. This dogs are highly ferocious rottweilers trained to attack infantry mercilessly and seem to be able to sense enemies from a longer distance than its counterparts.


The Engineer serves the same purposes as other engineers.

-Stinger Raider
Main anti-armor soldier. These men are armed with a modified Stinger SAM Launcher, which can now fire modified SAMs that can deal a good amount of damage to ground vehicles, as well as aircrafts. They're weapon is ineffective against infantry however, so keep them away from enemy infantries serving the anti-personnel purpose.

-Field Medic

These women used to work as nurses in hospitals but have since worked as medics for the warriors on the battlefield. They can be very useful with your troops so don't waste them. They do tend to get caught up in the crossfire though...

Need a test driver? These assassins will gladly take the job. They're armed with a combat knife they use to assassinate a whole vehicle crew so that they can take control of the vehicle. They don't like getting into battle directly because they're knives proved useless against guns. Still, if you can get one to hijack an Apocalypse or a Paladin, it will certainly spell trouble for the enemy...

-Drake Wheeler

Drake is certainly a determined young warrior and leader, risking his own life by getting into the battlefield himself. He's a very talented marksman. And his skill of wielding his guns are unbelievable. He holds a semi-automatic handgun in his right hand that he uses to kill infantry single-handedly with succession and a modified anti-tank rifle dubbed the "Demolition Rifle" in his left hand that he uses to blow up tank hulls and demolish structures, also single-handedly with succession.

-Heavy Gunner

These ex-street gangsters like playing dirty. Fully suited up with with armor plating and armed with a heavy machine gun, they can take on tanks and infantry alike. They also exchange they weapons for more powerful ones when they gain veterancy. When veteran, they arm themselves with an autocannon and when elite, a chaingun. They are quiet slow but they have enough armor to stand up against anything.
-Ore Truck

Nothing more than an old dump truck with mining mechanisms. They are among the fastest miners out there, but disadvantaged by it's small container and poor armor.

-Panther Tank

A MBT built out of scraps. These tanks are very reliable indeed with their 100mm cannons and decent speed and armor. Use them to your full advantage.


A civilian pickup truck equipped with armor plating and armed with a medium machine gun. These scouts can easily kill infantry but attempting to take on tanks is just suicide. Also with every veterancy earned, it improves it's armor and speed.

-AA Truck

A flatbed truck equipped with armor plating and armed with a duel anti-air 50mm cannon that can pick aircrafts out from the skies easily. It cannot shoot at anything else other than aircrafts. Also with every veterancy earned, it improves it's AA guns and armor.

-Armored Bus

Nothing more than an old mini bus equipped with armor plating. It transports up to six men at a decent speed. Although unarmed, the men inside the bus can fire at hostile enemy targets (and miners too) as they are being transported. The men will fire at their own targets at their own timing.


The MCV provides the same purpose as other MCVs.

-Mine Layer

A very handy means of defense, it is loaded with six proximity mines that it drops one by one. This mines will detonate when enemies are too close to it. The mines are also invisible, making it hard for enemies to detect and destroy them. Take note that when the Mine Layer uses up all of it's mines, it is scrapped.

-Inferno Cannon
This small artillery is armed with a 15cm napalm gun that fires napalm shells. This shells explode into a small inferno, hence the name. This are highly effective at burning infantry and structures but heavy vehicles are quiet resistant to it. Also, if the Inferno Cannon is destroyed, it WILL blow up in a fiery explosion that will damage anything too close to it and forms a small inferno.

-Jammer Buggy

Jammer Buggies are very effective at stopping tanks in their tracks by using a home-made EMP emitter. Fast and agile, they can ambush tanks and immobilize them. All that is need is a clean up crew to blow up the tanks. Be careful for infantry though, EMP doesn't work on them...

-Neo Mammoth

A feared weapon resurrected to destroy the "evil doers" of the world that is the Wing of Freedom's enemies. What was once the legendary Soviet Mammoth Tank is now known as the Neo Mammoth. This monster haven't change much except some minor armor modifications. Armed with duel 120mm cannons and rocket pods, this tank can take on vehicles, infantry and aircafts pretty well. It can, if enemy vehicles get too close to it, will crush them under it's treads. Also, with every veterancy earned, it will improve it's armor and firepower.


This small helicopter gunship is used to provide air to ground and air to air support. It fires Hellfires at both ground and air targets and it's machine gun against infantry. Be careful for AA defenses though, the Dragonfly won't last long against those guys.

-Torpedo Bomber

An old propeller-driven plane armed with a single anti-ship torpedo, it is used to blow up the hulls of ships. Take note that they must return to the Air Strip to reload.

-Suppressor Gunship

This large plane is armed with two 30mm autocannons and machine guns to destroy ground targets. It seems to excel at demolishing buildings and killing groups of infantry. It is slow and heavily armored but you must still be careful for AA defenses. Take note that it must return to the Air Strip to reload.

-Amphibious Transport

The Amphibious Transport functions the some as it's counterparts.

-Sea Mine
A robotic spherical drone that is used to either harass enemy ships or defend against enemy ships. These drones can be ordered to move around. They attack by self-destructing at it's target. A patrol of these drones can be very useful, especially against subs.


This is the main attack ship of the Wing of Freedom. The Speeder is a small speed boat armed with AA and AG missiles that can inflict a decent amount of damage. It is highly recommended to utilize large groups of these boats against the more heavy naval units. Also, with every veterancy earned, it will improve it's armor and speed.

-Sub Hunter

This ship is used to detect and destroy subs. A single anti-sub helicopter similar to the Destroyer's Osprey is used to drop depth charges against subs. You'll need to cover this ship with Speeders or Requiems as it is unable to attack anything else other than subs.


This submarine is armed with heavy missiles that it uses against all surface targets. It must surface before it can fire it's missiles. It has no defense against other subs so keep it close to Sub Hunters for protection. They can fire their missiles from long range.

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