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Here is the "Frequently Asked Questions " of Wilson Chronicles.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Wilson Chronicles

Q : When can we expect the mod to be released ?
A : First thing first, you got to understand that creating a mod is no easy task. Depending on the theme and the size of the mod, a mod can take months to years to be created.
In our particular case, there’s still a lot of textures, models, maps and some little bit of coding to be done before even thinking of releasing it.
But, if everything goes smoothly, the mod should be ready for a 2012 release.

Q : Any particular date in 2012 ?
A : Impossible to respond at the current time.

Q : Is the story set in the Half-Life universe ?
A : The story is set during the Black Mesa incident, but expect new areas in Black-Mesa, including our « Military Research Division ».

Q : How much weapons can we expect in the game ?
A : You can expect to use 16 different weapons.

Q : What is the dev Team nationality ?
A : The dev Team Nationally is mostly French.

Q : How big is the dev Team ?
A : We are a 5 member Team, but we also receive some external help by some people like Dec Doyle, Joure etc…(which I want to thank by the way)

Q : How much time will the mod last ?
A : Our objective is to make the mod last 2h-3h. Since a sequel is already in development, we though that making the mod short was the right way to go.

Q : Will the mod require Half-Life 2 Episode 2 to work ?
A : No, the only thing required is the Source SDK Base 2007, which you receive with any game using the Source engine.

Q : Will Wilson Chronicles have a Multiplayer mode ?
A : No, Wilson chronicles is a Single-Player only mod.

Q : Why won’t the mod have any Multiplayer components ?
A : The dev Team has no interest doing a Multiplayer mode.

Q : Will the mod have at least a Coop mode ?
A : As of right now, no coop mode is being worked on for Wilson Chronicles since that would only make its creation more difficult.

Q : Can I join the dev Team ?
A : If you feel you are competent enough, the team is looking for new members in all fields of a mod creation. If you wish to join us, you can contact us by PM or by making your presence known on Wilson Chronicles Moddb profile.


FAQ is realy cool.

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