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Today John shows a bit of the work that has been done the past month. He also has an answer to the very important question of why you should never mix candle wax with arsenic.

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Hello there, ladies and mentlegen!

It’s John again. Today I want to show you more of the inside of the Vrennman mansion and a lesson on why you don’t mix candle wax and arsenic.

Mansion Insides and fancy lights

So the past couple of weeks the programmer person worked on two greater points.
One was the rigging of the mansion insides. At least the bits that already exist. That means making doors and stairs work and creating event chains for the gameplay.
That’s what he said. I think it means he did some wand waving and now there are puzzles and stuff.

Mansion Insides and fancy lights

And don’t be fooled here. Each and every puzzle you’ll find in the game actually existed. This Vrennman cult had a weird idea of reality.

The other thing was, if I’ve written that down correctly, programming. Which doesn’t come as much of a surprise. He’s the programmer person, after all.

On that note. Apparently there were a number of bugs with this library code thing pertaining to editing sequences and CSP.
I have no idea what this is but in the unlikely event you’re using this same library from github, the fixes are upstream now.

Mansion Insides and fancy lights

The graphics guy was hard at work too. There are a lot of new assets and the second mansion level has expanded quite a bit. Most parts of the place are now lit up nicely and looking more or less okay. We got stuff like large skulls, treasure chests and thick old red carpets.
I think that man can do better yet but for now I’ve cracked the whip enough. So I’ll leave it at that for a while.

And why should you not mix candle wax and arsenic?
Because it’s poisonous and causes all sorts of terrible deaths to you.
Imagine inhaling the fumes of burning arsenic. It looks nice and blue but it will still kill you.

Apparently the Vrennman cult didn’t give a damn.

Well. That's it for today. We'll keep working here and report back when there's something new. Well. At least the others are working. I'll just sit here and wait for the results while holding up this Castlevania style whip.

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