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D.A.V.I.S. or the Data Archival Voice Interface System, the brother system to GLADOS is active. Will he be a bane or boon to the Survivors? Your actions will dictate how this persona of Aperture plays his role in the campaign.

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D.A.V.I.S.: Data Archival Voice Interface System

Purpose: Aid scientists with generalized tasks. Protect personnel from potentially dangerous situations. Humorously named "Big Brother" by the lab techs.

History: DAVIS is relic from an era bygone. Vacuum tubes and switchboards were DAVIS's main home up until a few years prior. He has recently been upgraded in tandem with the GLADOS project, well, mostly. While his core room is more or less up to date, he still is bound by his weakest link, his consoles in various locations. Unlike GLADOS, he cannot see into rooms that he does not have an active console that is still hard-linked with his internal network.
He was supposed to be phased out in favor of GLADOS but due to a clerical error, he was made subservient but independent of GLADOS.

Personality: The original copy of DAVIS's AI predates most personality programs. As such, he works on pure logic and his directives. Despite this, he has been called "meddlesome but careful" by the scientists.

Strengths: DAVIS is an older but considerably smaller AI. He can exist solely within a wall console should there be a fault in his system that segments him from the rest of his network. That consoles control is limited to that room however.

Weaknesses: DAVIS's network is a single ring structure. Terminals can be isolated, essentially creating a bunch of AI branches that eventually develop different personalities from one another.

Advice: Left to his own devices, DAVIS will try and protect the player by blocking off certain corridors. Occasionally, this can make a short trip infinitely more complex and time consuming. The player can directly interfere with his attempts and ultimately disable him if they choose to, at the expense of the "safety" he tries to afford them.

Disabling him will up the difficulty by +1.

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