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Exterminatus is approaching it's 9th Beta release after many more frequent and experimental Alpha builds. This article documents all the new features in Beta 9 and the changes since the last big release Alpha 8.70.

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Beta 9 Features

  • New map csm_orbital by DontAsk4470, based on Nic2's original ex_orbital.
  • Early draft of a new CSM VS IMP trench warfare map csm_trench. Mainly to see how the layout plays.
  • Chaos defence map called ex_Compromised made by WhiteLightningTwister.
  • Spacemarine Scout player model by Wikkyd, textured by ChromeAngel.
  • New Missile Launcher model for the Chaos Havoc class. The Missile launcher was modelled by Clay_more. It will continue to work the same as the imperial version, the primary attack firing a wide area frag missile and the secondary attack launching a Krak missile that does more damage in a smaller area.
  • New combi-bolter and powerfist combination weapon warhear for the Chaos Terminator class. Both weapon models were made by Clay_more.
  • New hand flamer and powersword combo wargear for the Aspiring Champion class.
  • New chaos Meltagun model by Clay_more.
  • New chaos Heavy Bolter model by Clay_more.
  • New chaos Flamer model by Clay_more and texture tweaks by Dontask4470.
  • New chaos Bolt Pistol for the Specialist and Havoc.
  • New chaos Plasma weapon effects by Dontask4470. Pistols and guns now have different effects. Need to check that kills show the correct icon.
  • New chaos Plasmagun model by Clay_more.
  • New aspiring champion plasma pistol combo, thanks to Clay_more for the chaos plasma pistol and powersword models.
  • New sawbones narcathium, with voice acting from Bulwark, edited by DontAsk.
  • Chaos Dreadnaught view model by Clay_More, textured and animated by ChromeAngel.
  • New Chaos boltpistol and chainaxe models (first and third person) by Clay_more.
  • New Chaos bolter (first and third person) models by Clay_more.
  • New Choas knife (first and third person) models by Clay_more.
  • New Earthshaker Cannon prop (IG artillery piece).
  • New Basilisk prop (an Earthshaker mounted on a Chimera chassis for mobility) .
  • New Ageis Defence line prop by Clay_more.
  • New Container prop from Wikkyd, with imperial and chaos skins (not actually used in any maps yet).
  • New arched wall light prop.
  • New large, arched door, prop.
  • New arch fence prop (inspired by recent 40k terrain kits) to fit in with existing fence props.
  • New imperial cargo container prop to replace the HL2 "Northern Pertrolium" containers.
  • New Chaos space marine kill taunts by Bulwark (AKA Greloc), edited by DontAsk4470.
  • New imperial and chaos space marine battlecries by Bulwark, edited and scripted by Dontask4470.
  • New Chaos bolter sound effects by DontAsk.
  • New textures by DontAsk4470 as seen in csm_orbital.
  • New textures by DontAsk4470 as seen in ex_lycantium.
  • New textures for Militarium and Mechanicus themed doors.
  • New map texture from Clay_More.
  • Added custom kill icons for the Loyalist Dreadnaught's Powerfist attack.
  • Added custom kill icons for the Chaos Plasma weapons.
  • Added custom kill icons for the Chaos Dreadnaught's Chainfist attack.
  • Added custom kill icons for the Aspiring Champion's Hand flamer.
  • Added custom kill icons for the Chaos Terminator Combo.[/li

The basilisk has been sat in my props folder for an embarrassingly long time. My apologies to the contributor who made it, but I lost your name somewhere along the way. If you made the Basilisk and want to claim the credit please let me know, so I can properly acknowledge your contribution.

On Youtube

Zoran the Bear was good enough to do a review of the state of EX, while Beta 9 was under work including plenty of gameplay footage.

Bar Two One has made some tutorial videos about EX going beyond the in-game tutorial with more depth on weapon systems and movement.


  • Enabled the use of custom skins.
  • ex_lycantium has received and overhaul by DontAsk4470, making it a night map.
  • Added normal, specular and exponent maps to the imperial generator prop.
  • Removed ex_convoy from the install.
  • DontAsk4470 has finished his detail pass of ex_forge and it looks wonderful.
  • DontAsk4470 has Re-lit ex_forge and added new textures, details and reworked many of the decor of many rooms and hallways.
  • Added normal, specular and exponent maps to the Chaos Missile Launcher and fixed smoothing issues with the model.
  • Tweaked the details of how the Narcathium works as an offensive weapon.
  • Tweaked the Chaos Dreadnaught player model.
  • Added trophies to the CSM Terminator's rack. These should be randomized each spawn.
  • Polish and detail pass for the CSM Terminator textures.
  • Polish and detail pass the CSM Dreadnaught textures.
  • Additional texture detail pass for the Raptor, Specialist, Aspiring Champion, Havoc, Chaos Terminator and Chaos Dreadnaught.
  • Tweaked Powersword, Plasma Pistol and Plamagun materials.
  • Tweaked a bunch of the old metal door textures.
  • Enhanced Chaos Powersword, Plasma Pistol and Knife weapon skins by DontAsk.
  • Tweaked the red-room objective on ichar_iv.
  • Tweaked the kill notification code to show kill icons for the new chaos weapon variants.
  • DontAsk4470 has added new details and lighting to ex_hive.
  • Improvements to the chaos Regenade textures (better specular and normal maps).
  • New chaos weapon entities to use the chaos weapon models (this may result in missing kill icons).
  • The imperial crate prop has been replaced, with a new, hopefully better one.
  • ex_ichar_IV has been updated to use the new container prop and the red-room objective has been
  • Krak and Frag missiles now have different kill licons.
  • Reverted to the old bolter impact sounds.


  • Buffed Terminator resistance to bullets and bolts from 0.2 to 0.52.
  • Nerfed Dreadnaught resistance to bullets and bolts from 0.55 to 0.159.
  • Buffed Dreadnaught resistance to fire by applying it's general armour modifier after accounting for the general marine resistance to fire.
  • Buffed Terminator resistance to bullets and bolts.
  • Buffed Dreadnaught resistance to bullets and bolts.
  • Nerfed knife damage from 55 to 52, so it takes as many knife hits to kill a marine as chainsword hits.
  • Nerfed meltagun damage from 18 to 12.
  • Buffed melta weapons so they do 20% of their maximum damage at maximum range.
  • Nerfed melta weapons maximum damage by 20%.
  • Buffed flamer damage from 30 to 35.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the 3rd person chainsword appearing with white between it's teeth instead of transparency.
  • Dreadnaughts should take damage from melta weapons.
  • Different kill icons for Inferno Pistol and Powersword.
  • The Inferno Pistol's Powersword now ignores armour.

Did you ever approach GW about putting this on Steam like some other HL2 mods are? I remember a previous article mentioning something about that.

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ChromeAngel Author

Yes I did contact GW about putting EX on the Steam store. GW says we're fine to carry on as we are, but they we cannot put EX on the Steam store as that counts as commercial distribution (even if it's free to download and play), which is against the terms of use set out by GW.

I guess they don't want us competing with their licence paying partners.

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Ah, too bad, and also, weird.

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yes, but still better than a lawsuit.

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ChromeAngel Author

Still no bots, but the player count has been quite high since the Alpha 8.70 and you can have some success getting a pick up game going from out Discord channel

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Well, this is hell out of work.

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Do you guys plan on reanimating playermodels anytime soon?
The animations right now seem a bit awkward and janky.

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ChromeAngel Author

I'm the only EX animator, and i'm also the only coder, build master and release manager. Re-doing a time intensive, but functional piece of work like the player animations is not a priority.

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