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Other than being a fun and exciting gaming experience, War Trigger has many features that separates it from the rest of the competition.

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  1. First Person or Third Person: Choose which playing style fits you best. Then again, why choose when you can play using both!
  2. Infantry, Vehicles & Aircrafts: War doesn't only involve soldiers. Back up your team with Jeeps, Tanks, Helicopters and Jets.
  3. Character Customization: Customize your soldier to best suit your play style and personality. There is a wide variety of gears, classes and guns your character can choose from.
  4. Deployables, Consumables & Boosts: Players have a plethora of deployables and consumables to assist them in battle. From Airstrikes, to Miniguns to Speed Boosts. Players can use these items to help their team turn the tide of battle.
  5. Play with Friends: Bring your friends and create a Dominating Clan in this MMO FPS.
  6. Its FREE & Accessible: it's a free to play game and can be played on a Web Browser, as well as a Stand Alone.
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