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This is a list of what to expect regarding the V2 version and a possible V3 version too.

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Improved police and side missions: the first one will cause police to chase you( mostly until two-three stars ) only if they're seeing you, being possible to hide, the second one features side missions/Jobs that were announced but cut from the first version, these includes trashing vehicles, killing targets and things alike, they're delivered via CJ's phone

Retextured interiors: Many of the interiors if not all of them have been retextured to a more 1940ish flavour, these interiors include some restaurants, supermarkets, Houses, LV police station, all properties CJ can buy, the planning dept in Las Venturas and possibly the casinos

Custom clothes for CJ: Raincoats, Coats, Jackets, Hats, etc

CJ on raincoat

Custom radio with era songs: with the ATP mod, the game/mod will have a custom radio with 1940s songs only, and some radio ads from Mafia II from the 1945 era plus some custom audio ads created by me

Custom billboards: All billboards have been replaced/retextured with more 1940ish flavor ads in them

Example of billboards( ENB is not the final one )

ENB Series: A Beautiful ENB Series that will be added to it giving it a nicer graphic look, with reflections in vehicles, for these with weaker PCs however I will also make avaliable the older ENB used on a early part of the V2 development, there will also be snowfall

Custom characters in cutscenes: Characters like Henry Tomasino, Frank Vinci, Al Capone, Joe Barbaro, Luca Gurino, Tommy Angelo will be some of many which will replace cutscenes characters


A version with and without trainer: for folks looking for more fun and chaos instead of missions, I will release one with a cheat menu, for those looking for a more serious gameplay however I will also release one without it

New animations: new animations for fighting included, also ragdoll

Useable taxis: You can take taxis by going to their back door and pressing the button to enter the car( F for example )

Eating at fridges: you can eat at fridges in the house

Under analysis, likely to be implemented but if not, it will be considered on the V3:

Possibility to buy cars: the possibility of going to a car dealership and purchasing a car

Altering game cash: adjusting the cash value on inflation to early-mid 1940s level

Some Mafia II interiors: If I manage to succeed on converting the OPA, then it might be possible, however if not then it might be featured on the V3

More food buying areas and custom food in some: with typical 1940s food

Music for cop chase: a action music from Mafia II in police car chases

Under analysis, unlikely to be implemented in V2, however in V3:

Added not replaced cars: Some extra cars/tanks added via a limit adjuster, not likely to be used on V2 due to compatibility issues

Spin-offs/free DLCs: spin-offs located in GTA IV Liberty City, Vice City and even Empire Bay's map, with custom dyom missions


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I love this so much!

I'm a little bit scared that T2 will come after this mod though. :/

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ShiroHoosk Author

If they do I shall not surrender. There has been five years I have been working on this mod, and I ain't going to throw it all away just because of TK2. Even Mafia DE has mods and currently the Mafia series seem to be getting far more tolerant in regards of mods than GTA

F-TakeTwo, Together we, the modding community shall strangle Taketwoism

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