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A list of features added, planned (short-term) and some far-featched features that may or may not happen.

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Features currently implemented or WiP:

  • Recruiting Noble troops from towns and castles. Requires you to be a part of that faction.
  • Renown requirement for tournaments. Currently requires 200 renown to join.
  • Re-balancing native items in terms of cost and stats, removing items that don't fit the time period (WIP)
  • Adding new items and balancing in terms of costs and stats (WIP)
  • Re-named and re-colored all factions
  • Troop Trees (WIP)

Features planned (for the first beta release):

  • Rework of the renown gained
  • Rework of the money gained when being mercenary and noble
  • Re-distributing some towns and castles to different nations.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of spears, new stabbing animations.
  • Heavier crossbows will have different reload animation (winching) from lighter ones.

Features that may or may not be added (don't get your hopes up):

  • FormAI
  • Freelancer
  • Reworked morale system
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