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Why I made the changes I did for SCP: Containment Breach.

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Welcome back to another article. I will be giving another insight on the many changes that were created for this mod. Let's start!

SCP-714 in SCP-914SCP714

Three new rings have been added. These rings are obtained by placing SCP-714 through various settings. The first ring I will talk about is the Green Jade Ring from the 1:1 setting. The Green Jade Ring is an ordinary ring which cannot be worn as it is too small to fit the player's fingers. It can however fit it in the wallet unlike the other rings. Moving onto the next boring ring, Sapphire Ring obtained on the Very Fine setting. This ring will instantly induce a coma on the player when worn, killing the player. These two rings aren't so helpful so far, but let's move to the last ring which will have actual gameplay impact. The final ring, Augelite Ring, is obtained on the Coarse setting. This ring caps the user's stamina at 25% instead of at 10%, but the ring does not grant immunity to memetic effects, though the Augelite Ring does still resist the effects of the memetics to a degree. Resistance against SCP-049 is halved making it riskier to use compared to the original SCP-714. It is up to the player to determine whether more stamina at its costs are worth it. The original SCP-714 can be re-obtained back on the Fine setting if the player wants it back.

The TrenchesTrenches

The Trenches now have a means to counteract against it. Heavy Equipment and SCP-714 now allow the player to not be forced to look at the Bird Planes and the damage is they receive is also halved. This will allow players who are well equipped to navigate the trenches easier. The previously mentioned Augelite Ring does not prevent the player from being forced to look at the Bird Planes but damage will still be reduced to 2/3.

New Difficulty Mild, And Euclid And Keter changesMild

A new difficulty has been added! This difficulty replaces the original Euclid for being the medium based difficulty. It however has 8 slots instead of 6 slots. Euclid on the other hand has been made more difficult. A new in-between AggressiveNPCs setting was made for Euclid to increase spawnrate of the enemies. Keter has received a new saving system. Just like Mild and Euclid, Keter now requires the player to save at monitors instead of being able to save anywhere by quitting to save. This nerf's player's ability to save scum anywhere to abuse RNG. Dying on Keter still results in permadeath. On a different note, each difficulty now displays on the right what they offer before you play them.

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Add SCP-002, SCP-055, SCP-352, SCP-407, SCP-919 Containment Chamber's In This Game For The Next Update

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