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I have one more DOOM campaign that is about Robin Hood's struggle against DOOM monsters in a big medieval castle...

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WHAT IS ROBIN HOOD'S DOOM?: In fact I have one more DOOM campaign with the Age of Empires 2 game engine since on December 2019 (its release date). However I have never wanted to release this DOOM campaign in "ModDB" due to various reasons. I am planning to release this DOOM campaign after making "the redux version" this campaign. Because its current released version has too many unacceptable flaws. However you can still find this campaign's the current released version in "aokheavengames" and "Steam Community Workshop". So I want to give players more detailed information about my "Robin Hood's DOOM" campaign in this article.


Fantasy SC

BACKGROUND: I am designing single-player scenarios and campaigns in "aokheavengames" and "Steam Community Workshop" for more than 5 years. Also I am an active participant for most of aokheavengames scenario design contests. So I joined its "Fantasy Scenario Contest 2019" in 2019. Because I always like to create a new entry for scenario design contests. After joining "Fantasy Scenario Contest 2019" I decided to make my "Robin Hood's DOOM" campaign. So I started to make my "Robin Hood's DOOM" campaign. I released my campaign on December 2019 for this contest.



  1. This campaign is also based on Gallas's "Vampire Revenge" mod and Guyza's DOOM monsters like my "Age of DOOM" campaign. Also I benefited from "Advanced Genie Editor" program for new changings.
  2. There are 2 different available scenarios. This is a Role Playing Game (RPG) campaign. This is a micromanagement based RPG game against original DOOM monsters by controlling a single Robin Hood unit. Players control a single Robin Hood and kill Demon Troops. Sharp micromanagement is required to survive against Demon Troops. Also there are many Environmental Hazards in this campaign.
  3. The first scenario is 100 percent cinematic prequel scenario. It is about Robin Hood's tragic past in the medieval age. Players will learn that why did Robin Hood become the Robin Hood in the cinematic scenario. And players will also learn the reason of the Demon Invasion. The second scenario is the main action scenario against DOOM monsters.
  4. This campaign contains many mechanics like "Sprint", "Potion", "Rage", "Soul Cube", "Switches", "Elevators", "Teleportation" and others... Robin Hood will try to destroy the main Demon portal by reaching the deepest section of the medieval castle. There are 5 different floors in this medieval castle. Each of them can be described as a new level. Also Robin Hood will visit the "Hell" planet in the final section of this campaign.
  5. This campaign uses original DOOM's (1993) sound effects. In addition this campaign has some sound effects from DOOM 3 (2004) game to improve the atmosphere. Also I benefited from the "Text to Speech" program for the first cinematic scenario.
  6. Robin Hood always changes his weapon in the next level. He uses "Standard Arc", "Fire Arc", "Plasma Arc", "Rocket Arc", "Big F... Arc" and "Soul Cube" weapons.



STORY: "The Sheriff's witch opens a new dimension portal gate to the Hell planet accidentally while he is trying to call dangerous gins from an another dimension to kill Robin Hood. Robin Hood has to destroy this dimension portal by using his archery skills against Demon Troops..."

Also the story contains many psychological sequences (like Hallucinations and Anger) and backtracking sequences. First scenario is a 100 percent cinematic scenario with 60 game minutes.



SCENARIO 1: The cinematic cutscene scenario that is about Robin Hood's tragic past until he reaches the second floor of the Nottingham Castle in the medieval age. This scenario uses sudden and intense sound effects to improve the tragic atmosphere. Also this scenario has the "Text to Speech" voice support for nearly all dialogue texts.

SCENARIO 2 (Robin Please Save the Day): The main action scenario... It requires sharp micromanagement against DOOM monsters. Robin Hood will try to reach "Nottingham Castle's Dimension Portal Room" for destroying the main Demon portal. This scenario has new units like Demonic Scorpion, Demonic Tower etc...



CONTEST RESULT: Unfortunately this campaign wasn't too successful due to various reasons. Because of these reasons I have never wanted to release this campaign in "ModDB". Like I said in the beginning I am planning to make "the redux version" of this campaign before releasing this campaign in "ModDB". The reasons of the failure (Devious Dev's comments as one of contest judges):

  • Unfair difficulty, with random unforeseeable death events that only serve to force reloads
  • Basic, uninspired map design with zero variety. Everything looks the exact same except the last area
  • Repetitive gameplay and combat encounters
  • Bad writing and story
  • Sound effects are loud, and used so often they get repetitive. Sometimes they overlap



POSITIVE FEATURES: Despite the whole failure this campaign still has positive features and even some of them were accepted by contest judges and some other people:

  • Good use of all DOOM monster types with isometric shooter gameplay
  • Unpredictable enemy placement with traps, monster closets and teleportations
  • New enemy units and new Robin Hood weapons
  • Good action and challenge like id Tech 1 DOOM wads
  • 2 boss battles
  • The story contains jokes for some aokheavengames forum members
  • They would be revelations and that's how the player would find out Robin's backstory
  • Platform puzzles
  • One hour (game time) cinematic cutscene with the "Text to Speech" voice support



WILL I RELEASE IT IN ModDB?: After making the "redux version" I will release its redux version here. The current released version has unacceptable flaws. However you can find the current released version in "aokheavengames" and "Steam Community Workshop".

Also there are 3 short youtube videos for you to see its gameplay:




Click on this button to visit the main mod page.

DOOM Remake

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