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Starting, I'm MrXiskov, I used to be an rookie modder in BF2 back a couple of year ago, having some ideas for basic mods, I abandoned that phase a long time ago, since then, my modding career has been focused mainly on CKII and EUIV for the Steam Workshop. Now that I have free time and since I got hooked into Warband, I thought I might get my hands dirty into this game and work on a personal project, this project is indeed, this mod.

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My mod is focused on being simple, yet extensive in content, neither being ultra-revolucionary but yet enough to give more colours to the game, mainly because I'm a learner into Warband modding and I'm slowly learning, but still a step is good as long as is going forward. I'm slowly making some changes into the vanilla game using Diplomacy as base and learning about how to properly mod and also make some tests for each small change. The mod will have many features and changes that will effect the gameplay and flow of the game. I will make here a small list and a small explanation of each feature that the mod will have compared to the native warband:
·Diplomacy: Obviously.
·Slightly bigger map: I plan to mod the map, but not to a gigantic degree, I already have the tools (programs) on my disposal to mod it, so far, my only objectives is to make the small islands in the south of Calradia to be connected in land by a bridge and the south-eastern land to be accessible and being the zone populated by one of the new factions.
·More gear: My objective is to at least double the quantity of objects from the vanilla game or slightly less than the double, in between this gear, there will be new luxury objects, new weapons, new armors, new horses, etc.
·Newer and Overhauled Factions: Let's crack down Calradia into smaller territories and changing some things for the ones already stablished, but of course, attempting to be as lore-friendly as possible with factions that would be actually fitting into the lore of Calradia.
·Bigger and improved troop trees: Tired that the troops of certain territories are monotone and boring? Not only with the newer factions there will be newer and different types of troops, but also, everyone will get overhauled over the vanilla formula. All nations will have a military organization equally, with cavalry, infantry and ranged units, but of course, each faction will have some more variety in certain types of units, being stronger, etc.
·New and modified companions: I have many ideas for new companions that might improve to understand the already existing nations of Calradia and others to give a big context for the newer factions. If I learn to mod this properly, I will try to find a way to make female compations marriagable if it's possible, I want to do it because I know is a popular demand.
·More diplomatic stuff: Depends of how far I will get with my modding skills, and I will keep all of you in contact if I'm able to add something, I was thinking about possibly adding Religion, Gamble games, etc.

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