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Probably wondering what all the new bears SWTC, here I want to give a short description of the innovations that will be present in the modification. Enough of them and they are to write about them!)

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Graphical modification which extend the system of weather and boost quality of game general. It has changed the nature for greater harmony, changed some of the texture environment.
- Added some textures of the original game to give more similarity to "old good stalker" :).
- More than 100 new unique textures of the sky, in the spirit of the series. Random weather, different for all locations. Darker style than for example in the SWTC gold for SoC.
- More Rain and dark cloudy weather.
- A complete artistic content, "mystical" sunrises and sunsets, a variety of weather conditions. Dozens of breathtaking views.
- Ideal for all light-employed renders, no blackouts or eye-damage-brightness.
- New rain.
- New Moon.
- Set up the sun's rays - no frills.
- Changed shaders, added the following effects: stalker build 2218 Bloom, small bump oil effect, reflections of lights(sky4ce, power-cat).

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