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This mod has many features which add to both the Realistic elements and the Horror elements as well as the comedy elements.

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In this mod there are many features. Some of them similar to other mdos some of them not. Here is the list:

- Gibs, gibs and more gibs. Depending on where you shoot your enemy a part of them will gib off. Blood will spurt and cries of pain will be heard. Soulless is definatly filled some gory action.

- Another add to the realism theme is the amount of weapons you can carry. You can carry alot but you can't carry all the weapons in the world. If you pick up a weapon which slot is already occupied they will be swapped.

- Voice acting is a feature that is ussually in mods but Soulless has a huge cast to put life into the face "Drones" who are sent into the city. Your teammates will interact with each other with their own defined personalities.

- Tacticle movement is always needed in a mod with a partly "Realistic" elemnet. You can aim down your weapon with ironsights or fire from your hip. You move with many camera effects such as a sprinting effect and a strafe tilt.

- You can rely on your squad to help you out of any sticky situation. Be sure to stay by them at all times or it's your dogtag that will be taken.

- If it gets too dark for your liking use your helmet's Nightvision to see what's close to you. Becareful though, everything you see you may not like.

Thanks for reading.

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