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VTMB: Camarilla Edition is an Expansion Overhaul that completely changes the game mechanics and how we approach the game of Bloodlines. After playing through Bloodlines over 10 times the replay value has decreased, and we started thinking of ways to improve the game to make it much more realistic. I have long since been a fan of Bethesda's Open Ended Sandbox games so that is the feel I wanted to bring to Bloodlines.

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Features included in VTMB: Camarilla Edition

Complete Discipline Overhaul / Game Balance.
- One of the biggest changes in Camarilla Edition are the Disciplines. We went through and overhauled every
aspect of each Discipline paying careful attention to every minor detail. With our overall goal in mind some
of the Disciplines got a minor tweak while others were completely replaced with new ones. Some of the new
Disciplines include...
Dominate - The Forgetful Mind (Target based allowing the Vampire to vanish from sight)
Dominate - Enslave (Target based seduction, the NPC will follow you as your new BloodDoll)
Thaumaturgy - Theft of Vitae (Target based allowing the Tremere to siphon blood from a distance)

Note: Most of the old Disciplines have been overhauled to the point of feeling like brand new powers.

- You now regenerate very slowly over time and feeding will not speed up regeneration much at all. You
will be relying on the discipline "Blood Heal" ALOT now.

- Your Vampire will lose 1 Bloodpoint every 3 minutes in any zone except the tutorial. The timer runs even
during dialogue forcing you to feed every so often. No longer will you be able to skip carefree through
the mission maps with a full vial of blood.

Note: As you lose blood, your health will be weakend.

- Now going hungry has major drawbacks. When your Vampire reaches 1 point in their Bloodpool they will
automatically frenzy every 30 seconds until they find blood. Keeping your humanity high will be tough but
crucial for the Masquerade.

- Most histories were overhauled for game balance and concept reasons. The histories will weigh much
more on the characters, both positives and negatives. A few new Histories were also implemented.

- These have been extensively reworked in several ways. First off most of the PC skins have been overhauled
or tweaked in some way. Many of the female (and even male) skins were pretty ugly so we pulled together
our resources to bring you alot of new material. Several unique NPCs have also seen a change to their
appearance, including the automobiles and construction equipment.

Also we felt it was very unrealistic that alot of humans had Vampire eyes. We went ahead and fixed that!
Every single human that had Vampire eyes we fixed so that they look human again, and every single
Vampire that had human eyes now have Vampire eyes (check out Smiling Jack). Also Clan Gangrel now
all have something in common with their new greenish/yellow glowing eyes.

- New Music was carefully implemented within bars we felt were lacking. The Asylum in Santa Monica has new
music as well as Confession and The Last Round in Los Angeles.

- Walk/Run has been turned into a toggle using the SHIFT key. You now may click SHIFT to change from walk/run
instead of holding down SHIFT. Also alot of people didn't know that Wesp implemented a camera function that
allows you to turn the camera different angles. You can do this by hitting the arrows on the number (10-key) pad.

- We made these change for better game balance and felt the synergy between the Attribute or Ability worked
better with the appropriate Feat.
Wits -> Defense
Intelligence -> Hacking, Research
Manipulation -> Haggle, Intimidate

Features included in VTMB: Camarilla Edition 1.1

Unofficial Patches
- Wesps Unofficial Patch 6.5 is included with this install, which also includes Official Patch 1.2.

Bug Fixes
- AI Disabled / Node Graph is out of Date error has been fixed, thank goodness!

Weapons Re-Balance
- Fists damage decreased a little, All ranged weapons now do about 25% more damage. Melee weapons remain the same.

- Overhauled the tutorial, it is now possible to convince Jack to let you keep his gun, along with MANY other surprises.
- Tremere can now use limited Dominate on the weak minded.
- Minor changes to prostitue dialogue.

New Disciplines
- Every clan now has Bloodheal as an upgradable 4th Discipline. You will now see Bloodheal on your character sheet and can be upgraded like any normal Discipline. See Game Manual for details...

Disciplines / Game Balance
- Most of the tier 5 discipline timers were drastically reduced. They are no longer infinite, instead reduced to 90 - 180 seconds respectively.

Discipline Graphical
- Removed all graphical effects from Presence except for the slight yellow glowing aura that still surrounds the player. Graphical effects on NPCs remain the same.

Blood Timer
- Blood Timer was increased to lose 1 blood point every 5 minutes instead of 3.

- Feeding no longer helps regeneration what so ever.

- Several new histories have been included reflecting the new Bloodheal Discipline. These histories include...
Heart of Stone
Tzimisce Blood
Zen Master
Child of Saulot
Adrenaline Junkie

Bashing Description
- The Bashing description on the character sheet better explains how bashing damage works.

- Ventrue Male Armor01 now wears a red shirt, black pants, red lipstick removed, and back of arms have veins.
- Brian's eyes are now dark blue instead of light green.

- New Music was added to Asp Hole.

Game Manual
- Updated to reflect the changes, and now explains how to change the Bloodtimer for bloodloss.

Features included in VTMB: Camarilla Edition 1.2

Bug Fixes
- Fixed issue with "Theft of Vitae" Discipline.
- Fixed Frenzy effect so it finally works right.
- Fixed so PC No longer gets Protean claws when Frenzy.
- Fixed Discipline Presence so it actually has mez effects on NPCs.
- Fixed Blood Guardian issues.
- Fixed Junkyard fire not starting. (Thanks Wesp)
- Fixed Pinball player at "The Last Round" (Thanks Wesp)
- Fixed Gangrel female hair, textures reach to the bottom now.
- Fixed Heather dialogue not matching the clothes she's wearing.

Game Infrastructure
- Tutorial is setup for new Blood Buff, Animalism, and Dementation disciplines.
- Removed Rainfog FX for performance enhancement during storms.
- Added thunder/lightning FX to Santa Monica Hub and Pier.
- Opening Scene changes; Ventrue always stakers unless PC chooses them.
- Opening Scene changes; Nosferatu sires are now goth kid models.
- Opening Scene changes; Gary was added to the crowd to replace Ventrue.
- New Main Menu Logo and Vampire sound theme.
- Added alot of extra hidden "High Inspection" items to various maps.
- Added more movement to Anarchs in "The Last Round".

- Fixed Tutorial with Jack and added additional lines.
- Added Wesp's "Save Heather" option.
- Gallery Noir Quest, if you agree to stealing the money you will lose humanity.

Hookers and Blood Dolls
- Hookers can be fed on the street with a high Dominate or Seduction.
- Added Hooker and Pedestrians to the Santa Monica Pier arcade.
- New Pedestrian Blood Dolls can be fed on the street with a high Dominate or Seduction.

CE Blood Doll Listing...
Santa Monica - 1 Female (Hangs out in front of the Asylum)
LA - 1 Female (In the Last Round) 1 Male (Outside Hallowbrook)
Hollywood - 1 Female (Outside of Vesuvius) 1 Male (Outside Abrams)
Chinatown - 1 Female (Outside Tongs)

Game Balance/Disciplines
- Raised ALL Attributes, Abilities, and Feats Max to 20.
- Updated occult items "Bloodstar" and "Mummy Fetish" for better game balance.
- Overhauled Histories for the new disciplines.
- Added new sound effect for Protean.

Clan Weakness
- Brujah clan weakness; -4 to frenzy checks.
- Gangrel clan weakness; Costs more to raise social attributes.
- Malkavian clan weakness; +1 Inspection instead of +2.
- Nosferatu clan weakness; Removed +3 blood to rat feeding.
- Tremere clan weakness; Cannot raise physical or Blood Buff above 3.

Blood Timer
- Default Bloodloss rate set to 4 minutes.
- Stamina now determines Bloodloss rate; updated Stamina description.
- Added a Bloodloss tip to the Loading Tip rotation.

- Updated loading tips and tutorial popups.
- ALT is now bound for Auto-Walk/Run.
- Pause can be mapped by user in game, Toggle/Auto Walk/Run cannot.
- Pause, Toggle Walk/Run, and Auto Walk/Run now show up in Keyboard Options.
- Disabled permanently the Auto-Renew Discipline feature. (It was broken)

- Minor changes to Brujah Male Armor 3 skin.
- Minor changes to Toreador Male Armor 3 skin.
- Minor changes to Toreador Female Armor 1, 2, and 3 skin.
- Changed all non-vanilla PC armor set icons to match their parent skins.
- Cleaned up Tremere Female Armor 1 and put the glasses back on Armor 1-3.

- Added "God Module - Submission" after "Lunatic Calm" in Asylum.

Game Manual
- Updated to reflect the changes.

Discipline Overhaul
- Animal Succulence (Replaced Nightwisp Ravens, New Sound/Graphics)
- Song of Serenity (Replaced Dung Beetle, New Sound/Graphics)
- Beckoning (Replaced Summon Wolfie, New Sound/Graphics)
- Pestilence (Replaced Communion Bats, New Sound)
- Free the Beast Within (Replaced Pestilence, New Sound/Graphics)

- Auspex (Now costs 1 blood, new discipline effects)

Blood Buff
- Blood Buff (Is now a 5 Tier Upgradable Discipline, New Sound/Graphic)

Blood Heal
- Blood Heal (Faster regeneration per level, New Graphic)

- Hysteria (Minor Tweaks)
- Insight (Replaced Mass Hallucinations, New Sound/Graphics)
- Babble (Replaced Vision of Death, New Sound/Graphics)
- Shattered Minds (Replaced Voice of Madness, New Sound/Graphics)
- Lingering Malaise (Replaced Bedlam, New Sound/Graphics)

- Trance (New Graphics)
- The Forgetful Mind (New Graphics)
- Tyrant's Gaze (Replaced Suicide, New Sound/Graphics)
- Chain the Psyche (Replaced Enslave, New Sound/Graphics)
- Still the Mortal Flesh (Replaced Mass Suicide, New Sound/Graphics)


will this work with ffkorn P&P Clan Mod

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Can this work with later patches of Wesp5 mods, such as 9.6, and can it be layered over audio overhaul patches?

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Can not unlock doors even with blood buff. I am in the Haunted Mansion presently. I can not raise my dexterity which is causing me not to be able to unlock "ANY", doors past level 6, even using Blood-buff. Can you fix this please? I love the mod, but this problem makes the game "Un-Playable"...

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>to make it much more realistic
>have to drink 1 bloodpoint every 4 minutes
Average man has 10 bloodpoints, which are 5 liters. Means you have to drink about 180 liters per day.
Average man restores 500 millilitres of blood in 36 days.
Which means you have to find 12 960 unique humans and drink from them in correct order or they will die.
Very realistic indeed.

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I do like the refreshing change of disciplines and such, but blood loss and related frenzy is annoying mechanic tbh. It is not good gameplay when you have to do a form of "maintenance" throughout the game. That feeling of necessity is just bad gameplay since we gain nothing by it.

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