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Urisis is a an epic medieval platormer set in another world in a distant past, it is an extensive retro styled video game to be released on Aug 2014 for the Ouya and the PC.

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Urisis as of 12/042013 will feature...
- 24 Unique and Playable Warriors + 5 Hidden All With Alternate Costumes
- 34+ Huge Stages, 3 Stages Per World with More to Come
- Create a Stage Coming Soon for the PC/Possible for the Ouya
- Cheat Menu Enabled
- New Combo System Implemented
- Save Feature EnabledMusic Test
- Crazy, and Intense Retro Styled GamePlay and Graphics
- Unique Weapons/Projectiles for Each Warrior Along with Unique Game Play Styles
- Cutscenes
- Including Tons of Secrets and Hidden Gems
- Excellent Replay Value

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