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There are three difficulty levels - hard, very hard and vietnam. But we call them easy, medium and hard.

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1. Damage taken: (75% on easy, 100% on medium, 133.7% on hard)

2. Enemy accuracy factor (5 on easy, 7.5 on medium, 10 on hard)

3. Melee enemies speed (100% on easy, 120% on medium, 150% on hard)

4. Stamina regeneration rate factor (6 on easy, 5 on medium, 4 on hard)

5. Recoil factor (75% on easy, 100% on medium, 100% on hard)

6. Maximum big medkits to carry (4 on easy, 3 on medium, 2 on hard)

7. Health regeneration treshold (40 on easy, 30 on medium, 25 on hard)

8. Chance of bashing weapon out of your hands with melee attack (0% on easy, 25% on medium, 50% on hard)

9. Ironsighting speed factor (130% on easy, 115% on medium, 100% on hard)

10. Bonus movespeed from sprinting (65% on easy, 60% on medium, 55% on hard)

11. Swag depletion over time (20% on easy, 35% on medium, 50% on hard)

12. Swag taken from kills (140% on easy, 120% on medium, 100% on hard)

13. G-Man's health (100000 on easy, 200000 on medium, 200001 on hard)

14. Maximum saves per map (unlimited on easy, 25 on medium, 0 on hard)


Wait, we can (theoretically) kill G-Man?

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steamcrusher Author

With this mod - yes. He is not vital character, and killing him does nothing to break walkthrough.
He still has "divine" armor type, which deflects 95% of all damage, with the exception of chaos, generic and dissolving damage types.

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