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Solar Strike quick overview message and introduction.

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Solar Strike is an upcoming shoot 'em up game for PS4, Windows and Xbox One. Earth is occupied by a hostile Alien force. Its military has been crippled, and many of it' s inhabitants are forced to work as slaves in appalling conditions. But yet, there is still hope. Hidden away in the depths of the Solar System colonies of Earth have been preparing to fight back. The most advanced fighter craft has been constructed, and you are its pilot!

The project has a long way to go but progress is going swiftly at the moment. I am a single developer working on this project, which is why I have launched a kickstarter campaign to support development costs. With additional funds I hope to not only make the game better by hiring additional people to assist me but also to help with actually publishing the game once it is completed.

Any pledges will be greatly appreciated, I would like to make this game as good as it can possibly be, and your support is going to help make that possible.

Thank you for reading, and if you have any questions feel free to drop me a line.

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