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Hello, sailors! We have been hard at work this week just like our cat up there, and we have some more great updates to share!

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First off we would like to welcome our two new crew members, Brandon and Michael. Brandon will be joining our animation team to work on our first person character animations. Michael will be joining our art team to help out with the environmental modeling and prop modeling. With the recent additions, we're now at 11 strong! What a team haha.

We ve been hard at work on PR this week, from releasing our first teaser trailer to putting our name out on every website imaginable. Titanic Games can now be found on TigSource, IndieDB,, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. As they say in the game industry, if you're asking when you should start marketing you're already too late.

Speaking of the game (cause that's what you came here for, right?) we've made tremendous progress this week. Here's a quick summary of what we've got cooking:


  • Finished the rigging for the main enemy

  • Beginning work on facial rigging/animation for the main enemy

  • Beginning first person animation reworks

    • Movement animations

    • Phone interaction animations


  • Finished the detailed gray box pass

  • Started the first lighting pass on the environment to get a feel for what it will look like

  • Created models for the wards, offices, and main lobby/reception area

  • A bunch of miscellaneous things too


Additional in-game images can also be found on the link provided above.

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