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The weapons used in the game. A detailed description on every one.

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Monkey Wrench


The melee weapon in ESC. This is the first weapon you receive when you start to escape from the destruction. You can also use the wrench for more practical things breaking windows, prying things open or just plain smashing them apart.

Weapon Type: Meele
Primary Clip: n/a
Secondary Clip: n/a
Damage: Medium Low
Speed: Medium High
Accuracy: Wonderful (As long as your up close.)

9mm Glock


The standard hand gun used by security. Remember to waste rounds because you will have to reload.

Weapon Type: Handgun
Primary Clip: 18
Secondary Clip: n/a
Damage: Medium
Speed: Medium
Accuracy: Good

.357 Magnum


This handheld cannon can easily rip a nice-sized hole through the enemy. The only drawback to using this baby is the seriously skewed view you get from the recoil, but its fair fire-rate more than makes up for it. ul

Weapon Type: Magnum
Primary Clip: 6
Secondary Clip: n/a
Damage: Very High
Speed: Medium Low
Accuracy: Okay



The shotgun is a semi-automatic assault shotgun that loads from the bottom. Spread open some head with a barrage of led. You know the drill, but now you can see the walls turn to swiss cheese.

Weapon Type: Shotgun
Primary Clip: 10
Secondary Clip: n/a
Damage: Medium High
Speed: Low
Accuracy: Okay



The MP7 is a respectable little submachine gun with a high rate of fire but fairly low level of damage. To make up for that it also has a grenade launcher alternate fire that can be very useful in tight situations.

Weapon Type: SMG
Primary Clip: 45
Secondary Clip: 5 (Grenade Launcher)
Damage: Medium Low
Speed: Very High
Accuracy: Fair



The new crossbow is a sniper's dream. It fires a piece of heated rebar over a long distance, and can be used to pin people to wall. It is a one shot one kill weapon against all but the toughest enemies.

Weapon Type: Crossbow (Ranged)
Primary Clip: 1
Secondary Clip: n/a
Damage: Very High
Speed: Very Low
Accuracy: Great

HE Grenade


Your powerful deadly grenades. Pretty self explanatory.

Weapon Type: Grenade
Primary Clip: 5
Secondary Clip: n/a
Damage: High - Very High
Speed: n/a (Has a 3 second detonation.)
Accuracy: Okay

RPG Launcher


Still the best tool around for taking out flying targets.

Weapon Type: Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) Launcher
Primary Clip: 1
Secondary Clip: n/a
Damage: Very High
Speed: Very Low
Accuracy: Good (Laser Guided)

HAA Energy Gun


An experimental, highly unstable weapon. One of the most important abilities is that it can shoot through walls, making it so that you can't take cover against it. The Hyper Atomic Absorption Energy Gun's primary fire shoots out tiny spurts that are only effective in close to medium range due to its erratic spread. You can charge up the HAA E.Gun by holding down alternate fire; the longer you charge it up, the stronger it gets. The longer you charge it up is directly proportional to the thickness of the wall you can shoot through. Lookout campers, retribution has come.

Weapon Type: Experimental Weapon
Primary Clip: 100
Secondary Clip: n/a
Damage: High
Speed: High
Accuracy: Okay

[Notes: It's a name that I came up with in my sleep. =P]

(Pictures Coming Soon)

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