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Pistols and the SMG are now more formidable with an array of attachments.

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> Submachine-Gun - the venerable Tommy-Gun has always been a laughing-stock because of its poor damage efficiency, now it has increased damage with the default, with Long-Burst VATs. Commonly found without a stock, and with a 20-round stick-magazine, it can be equipped with the military-standard 30-round magazine, or the gangster's drum-magazines, as well as other assorted attachments such as a foregrip, and even short-scopes.

> Combat Pistol (Renamed from 10mm Pistol) - A generic semi-automatic weapon, while uninteresting it is still a jack of all trades. Capable of firing the .38 for it's capacity, the 45-ACP, and 12.7mm for anything larger, or just the usual 10mm for everything else. It can be tooled into a stop-gap submachine-gun, but still have horrible recoil.

> Magnum (Renamed from 44-Pistol) - Reworked with availability for both 44-Mag, and 45-Auto rounds, it can also fire the massive 500-Magnum, a pocket-sized cannon.

> Covert Pistol (Renamed from Deliverer) - The smallest of the bunch, it is nonetheless formidable. What it lacks in size, it makes up for it's sheer speed, and light-weight. Geared for mostly VATs builds. Deliverer still show up as a Legendary Weapon, with more powerful effects. Can be modded out to be fully automatic, on the same vein as the Skorpion 38.

> Utility Gun (Renamed from Flare Gun) - The utterly useless weapon in the game now makes use of ammunition switching extensively to become more useful. It has additional attachments in mind such as long or suppressed barrels, various sights too. But it has the unique ability to switch between certain Ammunition Types and the Sub-Types on the fly. It can shoot shotgun shells while still using flares; or between 45-Caliber and 44-Magnum rounds; or the 30-calibers 30-06, the 7.62mm, and the 308 Round. It can also use special Flares that can summon Vertibirds, or mark Minutemen Artillery targets.

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