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Check out MarshmallowMachete's latest weapon reskins and costume mods for Bayonetta.

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Check out MarshmallowMachete's latest weapon and costume reskins for Bayonetta.

Umbran Komachi Costume

A blue and black 'cube design' reskin which replaces Umbran Komachi A from the super mirror. So basically what the author has done is paint the entire kimono and sleeves in a blue and black design from the movie Cube (1997). The bow and ribbon on the back was made blue and blue petals and ribbon were added to Bayonetta's hair. The trinkets in her hair and the socks have been made black.

Umbran Komachi A cube costume mod

Sourdough Fair Weapon Skin

A pink/purple reskin for the Scarborough fair handguns, replaces both sets. The main body of the guns has been recoloured in a pinky lilac colour with purple detailing replacing the gold. The black sections have been changed to a silver colour. Please note that these work in game and in around 50% of the cutscenes.

Bayonetta PC Sourdough Fair Weapon Skin

Red and black Onyx Roses Weapon Skin

A weapon skin for the Onyx Roses Shotguns (Not the alts). The main body has been changed to a blood red with black detailing. The 'spotted' sections have been changed to black with red specks/spots. The author also darkened the silver sections to give them more of a pewter look.

Red and black Onyx Roses Weapon Skin

Jeanne's 'Purple Jester Extravaganza' Costume

Jeanne's 'Purple Jester Extravaganza replaces Jeanne's default costume. The costume has been recoloured in purple, white and black stripes with white gloves and shoes to match. The neck piece, cuffs, bow on the back and buttons have been changed to a bright pink. Her hair is now black with a white feather.

Jeanne's 'Purple Jester Extravaganza' Costume Mod

Jeanne's 'Poison Ivy' Costume

Jeanne's 'Poison Ivy' (green with red hair) Costume which replaces Jeanne's old costume on the super mirror. MarshmallowMachete has recoloured the costume in light and dark green shades, made her gloves black and given her red hair for that poison ivy look.

Jeanne's 'Poison Ivy' Costume Mod

Platinum Princess' Costume

A pink and silver reskin for Bayonetta's Old Costume. Bayonetta's 'Platinum Princess' Mod. This replaces the old costume and includes the costume, hood, shoes gloves and hair. MarshmallowMachete's painstakingly recoloured all the filigree in silver and changed the main colour to baby pink. The inside of the gloves and hood and gem details have been changed to blue. Some lilac streaks were also added to Bayo's hair.

Bayonetta PC 'Platinum Princess' Costume Mod

Party Time' Witch Queen Costume

A multicoloured reskin for Bayonetta's Queen Costume to match the 'Party Time' Wicked Weaves. The front of the hat was recoloured in dark grey and white stripes and the back of the hat and the hair in dark pink. The main body of the costume has been left black. The skirt panels have been recoloured in dark grey and white, there are a couple of imperfections in the panels but a quick check on the original showed that they were already present. The gloves and thigh boot sections have been recoloured in lime green and dark pink and the author has made the eyelets and lacing black. Wicked Weaves are designed to work in combination with it.

Bayonetta PC 'Party Time' Witch Queen Costume Mod

Party Time' Wicked Weaves Reskin

A reskin for Bayonetta's wicked weaves. This includes both the hands and feet/heels. Hands: Have been recoloured in dark grey and white stripes with lime green for the arms and the middle finger. Feet: The boots have been recoloured in dark grey and white stripes to match the hands with lime green for the leg and dark pink for the heel and the small details. Both now have dark pink hair wrapping to make it all the more dramatic. The butterflies on both are now in dark grey, white, dark pink and lime green. To be used with the Party Time costume.

Bayonetta PC 'Party Time' Wicked Weaves Mod

Ice Witch Default Costume

Blue/green reskin for Bayonetta's default costume. An update was added which now includes the sleeves, hair and ribbon details. The chain detailing has now been changed to black. Royal Blue and Sea Green were used as it was loosely based on the weapon Odette.

Bayonetta PC Ice Witch Default Costume Mod

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