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Waht's possible on quake3 excessiveplus ? Shortly, you can do anything with excessiveplus ! So join it, and enjoy it ;]

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What's possible on excessiveplus ?

This mod was born from the now dead mod Mr. Pant's Excessive Overkill.

And that means that eplus is a far improved mod. The main advantage of it, is its variability. In short: you can make anything on eplus, any server side configurations for weapons, physics or anything. Its cool for instance you can make homing rockets, lightning gun that can bounce of walls (like grenades from Walls), triple sided plasma, any timings, amos, armors, weapons speed, game speed physics or something, 'u even can walk on plasma shells, or gun shells can jump like balls from walls - its fun Yes these things maybe do not sound so professional, but think deeper - this mod has no limits!

Also mind that 'u can copy any mod's configuration to excessiveplus mod ;], yes yes 'u can copy/make CPMA, OSP, DEFRAG, QL configs and all in one server, votable ! Btw there are already those configs :B. So on eplus you can play those styles.

The main action on servers happens with plus type configs which have cpmlike physics and multijumps, a decently fast weaponswitch and focus mainly on rail/bfg for killing and granades and bfg for movement. Also very popular are rail only type configs and a bit less popular in recent times are excessive type configs, which have a stronger focus on mg, lg, bfg and fast switch. But even there (mind the variabilty again ) is a version with a much stronger(instant) rail.

Just download the mod, test the different most popular servers and find the perfectly fine gametype and weaponstyle for you.

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